5 Scenic Attractions You Should Not Miss in Mauritius

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The scenery, the beaches, the restaurants and the people are just some of the reasons you should not miss staying in Mauritius. Spending a week here feels like just scratching the surface, however being located in a central spot is key to taking advantage of the many day trip opportunities to breathtaking views and culturally significant spots around the island, as well as must try restaurants and bars.

When you stay at Mauritius villas not only are you physically in the ideal spot but also mentally. Imagine going on holiday where you can truly relax, without having to stress over the details and the plans. Your villa manager can arrange everything for you and make sure you get there on time and still have room in the schedule for a luxury dinner at the villa by your private pool prepared by your personal chef. And after the family is wined and dined and the stars light the sky you can escape to your luxury suite ready to wake up refreshed to a stunning view from your window.

  1. La roche qui pleure

Tranquil and awe inspiring The Crying Rock named because the porous volcanic rock seemingly never dries out after each wave crash. Some people say they even sound like they are breathing. An intense and unique place to come and unwind at the beach.

  1. Chamarel

A small village with a lot to explore, in both the quaint little village as well as the surrounding area. The highest waterfall in Mauritius is here standing at one hundred meters tall, here the power of nature can be truly felt. Bring some comfortable footwear for the stairs to the top. However, it’s worth it as the view down as the water hits the bottom is truly remarkable.

Another wonder of the world can also be found here.

The Seven Coloured Earth is a group of sand dunes of different colours of reds browns and purples. This effect is natural and due to the lava cooling at different temperatures and hardening into volcanic rock then over time broken down into sand that blows across this land.

  1. The Château de Labourdonnais

Not a natural scenic attraction but still a beautiful one not to miss. The Château de Labourdonnais is a prime example of nineteenth century Mauritian lifestyle brilliantly restored. An impressive stately mansion that has regained its original splendour since being built in eighteen fifty nine. The property is complete with gardens and even a distillery that still produces local rhum. Visit the mansion, learn about the history and stay for the rhum and a good meal at the restaurant. Sounds like a grand day out!

  1. Black River Gorges National Park

Encompassing over six thousand five hundred hectares of untouched native forests and protected wildlife this national park is truly a treasure. Taking nearly four percent of the land area of Mauritius and harbouring multiple ecosystems with over three hundred species of flowers alone Black River Gorges National Park is a must see! If you’re an experienced hiker then the park has a number of long trails for you to challenge yourself on. The panoramic views overlooking the entire island landscape with vistas of mountain peaks and river valleys is something no words can put into perspective.

  1. Grand Bassin

How did this massive lake get on top of this mountain half a kilometre up? At one time it was a volcano, now extinct it’s a calm lake and a sacred Hindu sight. The myth is that this water is holy and comes from the Ganges River as far away as India. It’s actually rain water that collects here in a beautiful water cycle ecosystem. There is also a towering thirty three metre tall statue of Shiva that makes this attraction even more quirky.

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