5 Things To Do When Ordering Drinks at a Beach Bar

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When going to a beach bar in Singapore, the drinks you order will most likely affect the kind of nightlife you will experience. Aside from enjoying the calming sceneries, finding a good Siloso beach bar will complete your vacation grande.

However, if you’re not familiar with bartending, ordering a drink at a bar can be scary. Other than the basic types you know, such as vodka and tequila, you will see a range of flavours and premium drinks you might not know.

Here’s how to order when you visit a beach bar.

1. Drink to your heart’s content

When you are in an outdoor bar in Singapore, assure you’re not standing directly in front of the bar when selecting your drink. You may consider going with what you find familiar and begin from there.

2. Ask for recommendations

The best time to ask the bartender a concern or get a referral is when they are not busy. If you are in a beach bar in Singapore and confused about their selection, you may ask the people around you for help.

3. Be prepared

When ordering a drink at a beach bar in Singapore, make sure you prepare if you need to address concerns about how you want it served. Have a backup drink if the bar doesn’t have what you requested.

4. Know how to pay

Paying for beverages can be done in various ways, so make sure you have your credit card or another payment method available. They will often charge you through bar tabs if you are in a Siloso beach bar.

5. Leave a tip

Make sure you leave a tip at a beach bar. It’s especially crucial if you expect to become a repeat customer. When paying with cash, specify how much they should keep.

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