6 Airport Assistance services that make travel easy

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The first commercial flight took off in the year 1914. Since then, we have come a long way. From tugging our own luggage to walking towards the aircraft, air travel has now become the definition of comfort & ease. Airport Assistance services stand at the peak of this industry which thrives on passengers looking a hassle-free journey be it to any part of the world or at any hour on the clock. Previously, exclusive to celebrities, today airport assistance services are preferred by a spectrum of passengers who keep comfort on a top priority. So, if you wish to travel like a celebrity on your upcoming trip, read on.

Here are 6 Airport Assistance services that are bound to make your trip unforgettable & hassle-free:

  1. Meet & Greet Services: Want a make a guest feel special? Then Meet and Greet services are the way to go. The passenger here is first greeted with a bouquet and guided through the airport with minimal effort from the passenger. The travel assistant take care of the checkin, baggage, arranges the boarding pass while the passenger can relax at the lounge. In case of arrivals, the travel assistant also assists with the quick completion of airport procedures so that the traveller can be on the way to their destination at the earliest.
  1. VIP Airport Assistance Services: This service is for those passengers who value their privacy. From the moment they enter the airport, the assistant ensures that the passenger’s privacy is maintained and kept away from the general crowd. This is a service usually preferred by celebrities, sportspersons & business conglomerates who want to stay away from the public eye while they try and get through their airport procedures.
  1. Fast Track Services: Airport procedures can take up a lot of time and some times one can’t afford it. A fast Track service ensures that one leaves the airport as quickly as possible by getting the top priority at customs, security and other airport procedures. Be it important meetings or family get-togethers, with this service one will be able to attend it on time and not get stuck with airport procedures.
  1. Airport Concierge Services: This service is ideal for those passengers who have trouble getting around the airport. Be it an elderly passenger or a mother traveling with a child, an airport concierge acts as a helping hand assisting the passenger at every step, be it baggage, security or boarding.
  1. Airport Lounge Services: This service gets the passenger access to lounges across 1126+ airports in the world. One can enjoy complete privacy here away from the hustle-bustle of the airport, read a book or watch their favourite movie while waiting for their flight announcement.
  1. Limousine Services: This is a service where luxury extends beyond the airport. To make the guests feel special, limousine from hotels/residence can be booked from airports and vice-versa to start of the trip on an unforgettable note.

The world of travel has changed since the arrival of airport assistance services & now you can experience it too. To avail these services across 1126+ airports 24/7, all you need to do is write to us at service@AirportAssist.com & we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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