Australia: Marriage And Fiancee Visa

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If you are engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, and you intend to tie the knot in Australia, the next step to making it come true is applying for a Prospective Marriage visa in Australia.

However, obtaining a visa to live and work in the country can be challenging without sound advice. The Prospective Marriage visa is only temporary, allowing the visa holders to enter and remain in Australia as they are engaged to be married to their partners. This visa for people wishing to lodge an application for a visa and move to Australia to get married. It must be applied outside of Australia, and applicants must be outside the country at the time of the visa grant. 

However, engagement alone will not result in a successful application as applicants must meet other conditions attached to a prospective marriage visa. Both applicant and the sponsor must be able to fulfill the said conditions. Otherwise, it can lead to severe consequences of non-compliance. 

The visa is valid for nine months, and during which time the applicant must marry their fiancé. If the applicant got married after the prospective visa application has been lodged, the applicant would no longer be qualified for a grant of the said visa.

To be eligible for the prospective visa, the applicant and the fiancé must prove that they are committed to a sharing life together, which includes the genuine intention of marriage and proof that they know each other. Both parties should be 18 years old and above. 

Upon the arrival of the applicant in Australia and the visa is granted, the holder can have full-time work, study, and travel like the benefits of a482 visa in Australia.

This infographic made by Visa Lounge can tell you more information about Marriage and Fiance Visa in Australia.

Australia:Marriage and Fiancee visa


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