Best Bodrum Beach Clubs

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Hosting millions of visitors every year, Bodrum continues to amaze visitors with its sun and sea. The holiday city, which is flocked by visitors throughout the 12 months of the year, fascinates both local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months.

Home to different bays and towns, Bodrum has the distinction of being one of the most preferred holiday destinations in our country. Bodrum, where nightlife is also very active, continues to fascinate visitors with both activities and visual feasts. Millions of holidaymakers who come to visit Bodrum not only visit various bays, but also get the opportunity to swim in the sparkling sea. There are various Beach Clubs that add color to the nightlife, as well as various hotels and restaurants in Bodrum city. In these clubs, there are different types of music as well as different atmospheres. These clubs, which differ from each other in terms of prices, serve large masses every year.


Some of these clubs are:


1 – Xuma Beach(Yalıkavak)


Xuma, one of the most famous beach clubs in Bodrum, opens its doors to its customers at 10 am. This club, whose closing time is not known in the evening, has decided not to close until the last customer leaves. Offering a visual feast to its customers with its magnificent Yalıkavak sea view, Xuma Beach Club offers its customers Frozen made from fresh fruits. Xuma Beach Club, which has won the stomachs of its customers with Frozen, plays mainly House and R&B music. The club, which has won the admiration of its customers with various DJ performances, also gives the opportunity to meet many celebrities such as Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.

2 – Flamm Beach

Flamm Beach, one of the most popular venues in Türkbükü, is jam-packed throughout the season. Flamm Beach, which gives its customers the opportunity to be extremely comfortable, takes place in a service approach that does not compromise on quality. This club, which does not charge an entrance fee from its customers, also highlights its cuisine with Flam pita and a fruit dessert called Flamm. The club, which also sets a table on the sea for its customers in the evening, also hosts unforgettable romantic moments.

3 – Blue Beach Club(Paradise Bay)

Located in Cennet Bay of Bodrum, Blue Beach Club gives you the opportunity to lie down in the shade of olive trees and listen to loud music. Meticulously preparing many dishes of Aegean cuisine for its customers, Blue Beach Club makes its customers smile with its delicious flavors. Cennet Bay, which also attracts attention with its sea, amazes the visitors with its lush environment.

4 – Sarnic Beach (Bitez)

Bitez, which has existed since 1993 with its never-ending mass, is flooded with visitors every year. Sarnıç Beach, one of the first features that comes to mind when Bitez is mentioned, impresses people by combining music appealing to all ages with friendly service. It is possible to surf in Bitez, which has a windy weather. Sarnıç Beach, which is close to Bodrum Center, continues to gain the appreciation of its visitors with its quality.

5 – Zayo Beach Club (Yalıkavak)

Zayo Beach Club, one of Bodrum’s most popular clubs, is located in a very popular location. This club, which accepts entrances with reservation method, spends very busy days. Zayo Beach Club, which has won the admiration of visitors with its DJ performances, takes its visitors to the peak of entertainment in the evenings.

6 – Kuum Beach

Preferred mostly by families with its calm and romantic ambiance, Kuum Beach continues to gain appreciation with its renewed decoration. Kuum Beach, which has been the focus of attention for visitors for a long time, is also preferred by famous names. This club, which is also very assertive with its meals, is loved by the visitors.

7 – Bianca Beach

Located in Bardakçı Bay, which is among the closest bays to the center of Bodrum, Bianca Beach welcomes visitors every year with its wonderful sea. The successful club, which offers entertaining moments to its visitors with its lively music, has hosted many famous names in the past. Offering a visual feast with the sunset, the club has become one of the must-visit places in Bodrum. Also this bay is the most popular bay for Bodrum scuba diving

8 – Naru Bodrum

Opening its doors to visitors as both a beach and a restaurant, Naru Bodrum welcomes its visitors with pine and olive trees. The successful venue, which gives the opportunity to watch the cool waters under the shade of pine and olive trees, also makes a name for itself with its delicious dishes. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in this facility, and the venue welcomes visitors between 10:00 and 17:00.

Bodrum Yacht Charter

Bodrum holiday city is surrounded by various bays and towns. In the clubs above, or in these towns, Haya is located very close to these bays. Various visitors can access these clubs and coves by renting a yacht in Bodrum, and they can enjoy these coves and clubs while enjoying the sea. Considered as the center of entertainment, Bodrum opens its doors to millions of holidaymakers every year. Vacationers visiting various coves leave the city almost falling in love with Bodrum. The city, which is highly appreciated by both local and foreign visitors, hosts more colorful and more entertaining moments every year. The city, which is liked by everyone from 7 to 70, seems to continue to attract the same attention in the coming years.

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