Best Desserts in Toronto to Eat Before You Die

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Due to Taipei’s solid historical background, you will notice that both Japanese and Chinese culture highly influence most of its traditional dessert as the time goes by, these desserts have undergone. Hence, a transformation where various peoples are preparing them in styles that suit them such as the addition of some natural sweetener such as beans and nuts that would make these desserts a bit delicious something you will notice in Taipei dessert is that they concentrate more on the texture something they called “Q” texture that majority of Taiwanese usually crave for. in this article, we are going to take you through some of the Best Desserts in Taipei to Eat Before You Die

Tofu Pudding

There are many differences between soft and hard tofu. Soft tofu has a smooth, silky texture, making it ideal for many applications that cannot be used with hard tofu. Using soft tofu in your diet will allow you to better adapt to some less healthy foods. It can also be used to prepare baby food. The reason is its smooth and silky texture and has nothing to do with flavor. Although the two types of tofu, soft and hard, are actually types of tofu, the basic texture of soft tofu is very different from that of hard tofu. Therefore, it can be used in many recipes where hard tofu is not suitable. The quiet type has a creamy texture similar to pudding and does not retain its shape. This is in stark contrast to the aggressive properties of tofu. Because it is soft, it can be used in a variety of recipes that require this consistency.

Mango Snowflake Ice

when you visit Taipei, if there is the most popular dessert, you will need to have a taste of is none-other than Mango Snowflake Ice this type of dessert is very popular among the tourists which come to visit this place this is normally fresh mangoes chopped into small-sized cubes then place into a huge bowl to resembles a nest if mangoes are not used then other fresh fruit can also be used as a substitute, then thick condensed milk which has been added a bit of finely shaken ice which is of course the flavored is then poured on top of the cube-sized chopped mangoes to make the overall mixture a bit adhesive the following are the address where you can find this popular dessert Smoothie House – No. 15, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Bao Bing

This is one of the traditional dishes that has existed in Taipei for years. It is a dish with a history in Taipei because the locals used wit for a long time to cool themselves before the ice was discovered. If you compare this dessert to Snowflake Ice, in terms of texture, Bao Bing is not as smooth as Snowflake Ice. The people prefer bao Bing because it can remain in a frozen state for a long time without changing the shape. Bao Bing is mostly served on a wobbly plastic chair outside a makeshift cafe to allow you to eat it while enjoying the atmosphere. Simultaneously, in most restaurants, they will allow you to choose your own topping that you think will go well with Bao Bing. The following are the addresses where you can find this type of dessert: Eat Sweets – No. 11, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei.

Xian Cao

If you have not noticed, the Taiwanese love jellies so much. Most of the time, you will come across some good but storage taste in their food simply because these people are so innovative when adding flavors into their meal. They like praying around with the texture of various foods. Xian Cao is one of the jellies used by the Taiwanese it is normally a juicy black substance that is prepared from the oxidation of Platostoma palustre leaves. It may look strange, but I can assure you that it works perfectly when perfectly chopped and soused in milk tea. When you try these desserts, your mouth will be full of saliva every time you hear about it, ready to welcome the delicious dish, usually when you get to Taipei. You want to have a slight taste of this dish, you can go directly to this address, and you will be served right Lane 262, Nanjing West Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei.

Grass Jelly Ice

This is normally black in color, and it has got that “Q” texture that majority of the people in the island-like and it is also believed that even the tourist who normally comes to this island the fall on love with Grass Jelly Ice. in Taiwanese the have a lot of respect for Grass Jelly Ice because to it takes very little to make plenty of jellies. Therefore, they believe that this was a gift that was given to them by God. They try their level best to protect it from becoming extinct. Grass Jelly Ice when you take it to taste a bit bitter when swallowing. Therefore, it is served to the people who typically visit the island as a soup, and a bit of sweetener such as sugar water is added, so when you get to Taipei, kindly order Grass Jelly Ice. It will indeed be served to you in the manner that you will like it.

Mochi Shaved Ice

This is one of the most favorite desserts that is found in almost every household in Taipei. This is a white fatty ‘Q’ textured ball which is commonly made from pounding glutinous rice. Various recipes can be used to prepare Mochi Shaved Ice, of course. As a tourist, you would not want to det about how to prepare. Still, I can assure you that the recipe you will use will be the same and taste good. When you get to Taipei, there is what we called a night food market tour. You can comfortably get mochi there.

conclusion These are some of the desserts you will come across when you visit Taipei. You can taste as many desserts as you can and choose your favorite dessert because different people have different tastes. you can also visit Cathay Pacific website to purchase a ticket to your favorite destination

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