Best Places to Host a Grand Winter Destination Wedding

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Winter is the official wedding season in India. A wedding in winter is nothing less than a fairy tale. That’s because unlike the summer and monsoon, the pleasant weather of the winters just adds up to all the wedding festivities. If you have also planned a winter wedding and are looking for the right venue, here we have listed down the top places that are just perfect to host a grand and memorable wedding in the cold months. From snow clad mountains to stunning beaches, here are our top picks for a dreamy winter wedding in India:

  1. Shimla: If you wish to marry the love of your life amidst snow-capped mountains and lush greenery, then Shimla would be the best place for your wedding. It is one of the most romantic places in India and has many hotels and resorts that are perfect to host a destination wedding. The romantic vibe of the place and a stunning venue will make your D day truly memorable. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding ceremony or a grand function overlooking lush valleys and high peaks, Shimla is just perfect to host a memorable winter wedding in India.
  2. Udaipur: Counted among the most beautiful cities in India, Udaipur is certainly one of the best places to host a destination wedding in winters. The magnificent historical places, pristine lakes and scenic beauty creates a stunning backdrop to tie a knot and create beautiful memories. And not to forget the delicious Rajasthani cuisine and warm hospitality of the place, that will add to all the celebrations. You just need to choose one of the many wedding hotels in Udaipur where you can host a grand wedding function. The LaLiT Laxmi Vilas Palace is one of the best heritage hotels in the city that you can choose to host a royal wedding of your dreams.
  3. Goa: Gorgeous beaches, clear blue skies and great vibe makes Goa the best winter destination for a luxury wedding. Here you can tie a knot with your loved one in the backdrop of a romantic sunset, clear skies and pristine water. If you are someone who has dreamed of a bohemian wedding, Goa is just the best place to exchange vows with the love of your life. You’ll find many luxury resorts and hotels in Goa that are perfect to host a fairy tale wedding of your dreams.
  4. Agra: The list of the most loved wedding destinations in India is incomplete without mentioning Agra. Home to majestic Taj Mahal, the monument of love, Agra is certainly one of the best places to celebrate the most special day with the love of your life. It might sound cliche to some, but marrying in the mesmerising backdrop of the symbol of love is sure to make your wedding celebrations all the more memorable. And the pleasant weather of the winter months will just add to all the wedding festivities. In Agra, you’ll find many beautiful resorts and hotels that are perfect to host a dream wedding and make your D Day special.

The first step of planning a grand wedding function is by selecting the right wedding venue. Now that you know some of the best places to get hitched in the winters, wait no more and choose these places to celebrate your special day. The scenic views, lovely weather and excellent hospitality will make your function a memorable event that you will cherish forever. 

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