Book Hotels near The Most Popular Orlando Attractions

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Orlando is a popular tourist destination situated in Orange County, Florida. Visitors enjoy an action pack vacation at the different theme parks and natural gardens. The attractions and theme parks are not just for kids, but also for the adults who can relive their childhood. 

Many people are concerned about the expense of their vacation stay in and around any theme park. They believe that is going to burn a hole in their pocket. However, there are many bud-friendly options available near the theme parks. Orlando is a diverse destination offering everyone something pleasing. 

Most popular Orlando attractions

Walt Disney World

It is a dream place not just for kids but even adults. Families enjoy spending time at the four parks, namely Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. However, you can check the opening hours of different theme parks as they differ. If you wish to stay near Disney World, then look for Florida hotels on the FloridaEscape website. It is a one-stop source to find affordable accommodation deals near a theme park. 

Lake Eola Park

Eola Park is in the core of Downtown Orlando built around a beautiful lane. It is a serene spot that hosts festivals and fairs across the year. Families enjoy a picnic in the park, a swan boat ride across the lake, and view the downtown skyline. People can jog or walk along the lakeside track soaking the vistas, see the fountain, relax on the bench in the shade of a huge tree. 

Orlando Eye

The 400-feet tall Orlando eye features glass capsules to ride in and enjoy a city view from soul-stirring heights. It is a phenomenal and unique experience to soar high and enjoy the city.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is popular for its massive aquariums as well as whale and dolphin shows. The animal experience is awesome. Explore the penguin empire, watch bottlenose dolphins play above and below the water surface, see whales gliding beneath surface and hear sea lions roaring. The largest underwater viewing tunnel is adventurous because you can see the turtles, walruses, beluga, sharks, manatees, and more marine life closely.

You can look for Orlando hotels around the SeaWorld. It is popular area travelers choose to stay because they can enjoy the benefits of an early entry in the SeaWorld & Aquatica as well as discounts on shopping and dining venues. 

Orlando science center

Curious minds gain a lot of knowledge about the world, science, and technology. There are permanent displays and temporary exhibitions. The Planet Exhibition reveals Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. Learn about Orlando weather, hurricane, earthquakes, cloud conditions, and more. You can even travel in the bones and fossil world.

Botanical Garden

The Leu Garden is the city’s paradise. It is a place similar to Lake Eola Park. You will see an array of unique plant life. There are different events hosted at the Leu Botanical Garden. 

You can even book accommodation close to the gardens. There are many hotels in the area, which can give you a view of the Botanical Garden from their terrace. 

Maitland Art Center

The building is an artistic and architectural gem, which is constructed in Mayan Revival Style. The hand-crafted carvings display Aztec and Mayan symbols. The museum displays several creative and interesting contemporary artworks

You can explore the dazzling grounds, visit the peaceful chapel, join inspiring workshops, take art classes, listen to art-related lectures, and relax in the courtyard. Orlando has a lot of entertainment to offer!

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