Croatia is the most lavish European honeymoon destination within your price range

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Spending your honeymoon in the Mediterranean is the stuff of dreams; what could be more perfect than relaxing in a luxurious villa hotel perched above the azure waters, feasting on fresh seafood as the sun sets, and exploring uninhabited islands in search of unforgettable experiences? Romantic activities include visiting vineyards and Michelin-starred restaurants, wandering the narrow streets of ancient walled cities, and cruising to remote isles and trendy beach clubs aboard a chartered boat. Which portion are you looking forward to the most? This level of luxury may often be found at far lower prices than it would in the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, or the Greek Islands. With its affordable restaurants, hotels, and activities, Croatia is the only Mediterranean country where a luxurious honeymoon can be had without going into debt.

Excellent Accommodations

Guests may choose from a wide variety of luxurious hotels, quaint inns, and even camping grounds in Croatia. Each hotel is more charming than the last, making it a honeymooner’s paradise. If you’re searching for a hotel that embodies the elegance and comfort of a top European resort, go no farther than the Hotel Excelsior, which is operated by Adriatic Luxury Hotels. The grand hotel is a great choice for vacationers searching for a central location and resort amenities. You can easily stroll to Dubrovnik’s historic centre. Couples searching for a luxurious getaway will find it here, with rooms that are both modern in design and include balconies overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The luxury tour Croatia vacation starts with this.

Intimate Dining Experiences

It would be difficult to find a restaurant in the ancient, cobblestoned settlements of Split and Dubrovnik that did not ooze a sense of romanticism. Magic lurks around every corner, in the form of unexpected yet life-altering culinary encounters that are both easy to find and hard to believe. Dubrovnik’s Restaurant 360, which has earned a Michelin star, is worth visiting for both its food and its location. An unassuming entrance in the castle wall leads to a staircase that leads to a trendy bar and restaurant on the castle’s ramparts, where diners can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city while sipping handcrafted cocktails and feasting on cuisine that dazzle the senses thanks to molecular gastronomy. The tasting menu here is one of the most expensive in the country, but for less than €150 for two people, you may enjoy the unlimited creativity and fascinating flavours of dishes that embody Croatia’s one-of-a-kind culinary traditions.

Secret Clubs

Croatia is home to a number of historical cities, including Split and Dubrovnik. Visitors to these cities may choose from a broad range of activities. The best approach to acquire a sense for a city’s culture is to seek out its hidden bars and cafes. Dubrovnik’s famed winding stone alleys, made famous by “Game of Thrones,” emit a sense of promise and excitement. Put down your phone and use your senses to find cool cocktail lounges like Buzz Bar and Bard or cosy wine bars like D’Vino. You won’t find a more fully immersive experience elsewhere in the neighbourhood than this.

Groups of Distinctive Islands

Some of the most romantic spots in the country are also some of the hardest to get to, despite the fact that the Croatian peninsula is rich in wine, adventure, and historic villages. In Croatia, the island of Korcula is a must-see destination due to its picturesque little town and its streets built with cobblestones.

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