Does UK Visa Insurance Cover Travel To Europe?

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Though the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the EU, it still participates in the EHIC scheme European health insurance card A United Kingdom individual that holds the EHIC still use it if there is a need for emergency healthcare when they travel to Europe or any country under the 26 European Union countries including Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Iceland– until their existing card expires. EHICs have a five-year life. If you are a frequent traveler, go for a cheap annual travel insurance.

When the EHICs expires, when applying for a new one as a UK resident, the card given to you is with a UK GHIC known as a Global health insurance card. Though it is ‘global,’ it can only be used in the European Union. When you go on a trip to Europe, you are sure to take the European health card with you to have adequate medical assistance in any health incident.

And it is possible that you have not considered the need to take out travel insurance since you already have that once the card covers any health problem.

But it is essential to be aware that travel insurance incorporates other various coverages and avoids the risk of suffering high financial costs in an incident. Always compare market insurance.

What Are The Benefits Of Travel Insurance For Europe?

When we think of taking out travel insurance immediately, the thought of expense comes to mind. Below we list the benefits that travel insurance offers to travelers which can be the best holiday insurance.

It is important to note that Travel Insurance can go far beyond medical and hospital coverage or the requirement of most European countries.

Travel Insurance Benefits.

Check out the extensive list of benefits, link your trip, the needs, and the unforeseen events that may occur, and choose the ideal plan or the cheap travel insurance even because the values ​​don’t vary so much.

Hospital Medical Expenses: This benefit is related to hospital expenses and is what most influences travel insurance price because it is an important accident rate.

Medical Coverage For Sports: This benefit is also related to medical expenses. Generally, the coverage is above a lower value than the DMH, and few plans offer this coverage. If you are going to play sports, you should consult a plan that has such coverage. when going for the insurance always ask for holiday insurance quote to compare.

Medical Coverage For Pregnant Women: this benefit must be studied carefully; it is included in most plans but subject to specific rules. Ex .: “valid for up to 32 weeks of gestation.” Study more on the subject if this is your case. Even confirm that the coverage is valid for mom and baby.

Dental Coverage: this is a benefit that provides dental coverage and assistance, each plan has its particularity to coverage, but many consider that the value of dental coverage is within the value of DMH (hospital medical expenses).

Pharmaceutical Coverage: benefits related to reimbursement of drug expenses, plans generally cover between USD 400 to USD 1,200. If you need a remedy, you can buy it and request a refund (remember to keep all receipts).

His benefit offers assistance and logistics for travel to hospitals. The insurance company Provides all guidance, and the traveler receives guidance on how to proceed.

Emergency Assistance Via Apps: Benefit where you receive assistance through the insurer’s application. Generally, this benefit works best with Assist Card and Travel Ace. The Assist meets, including telemedicine.

Guidance And Guidance For Medical Care: There is a screening in the insurance company to properly refer the traveler to a hospital that meets your specific case.

Legal Assistance For Traffic Accidents: This benefit guarantees you all legal assistance in case of traffic accidents. If you need to rent a car outside of Brazil, stay tuned to this benefit to use it when you need it. The coverage amounts have a limit of value, vary from plan to plan, and have a plan that does not provide this benefit. You must consult and choose a plan that you offer in case you come to rent a car. With all the benefit of travel insurance, you can now check the types of travel insurance and know which to go for.


The purpose of traveling as we know is to be able to connect, build relationship, learn new cultures and languages and helps in our commitment, growth and development.


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