Elecraft KX2 general coverage QRP transceiver – a closer look

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Let’s keep the long story short – the KX2 general coverage QRP transceiver is a pocket alternative for those looking into a gizmo that’s definitely rich with features. The Elecraft transceivers are generally similar and this one largely resembles the KX3 that’s been sized down to KX1, which is a far smaller option. 

Chances are, most KX2 owners out there are already seasoned Elecraft users. If you are familiar with this type of equipment, you know what using Elecraft KX2 transceiver feels like. The company focuses very much on its products’ features that come with rich menu trees and a genuine ecosystem that evolves and gets better with every new device released on the market. 

It’s important to say that Elecraft has done a great job of making the most sought-after features stand out on the face of the radio. Furthermore, the less used features are all tucked away in the background of the menu. However, it does not imply that reaching those is challenging or difficult in any way – you simply enter the menu, choose the feature that you require and simply change its setup – as simple as that! One way or the other, such convenience may be attributed to the fact that the key designers themselves are radio enthusiasts who know what they are doing. 

With that said, there’s only one slight complaint – the fact that the LiPo battery needs to be removed from the KX2 to be fully charged is pretty frustrating. Gaining access to the battery is also quite challenging, as you will need to loosen the two thumb nuts on either side of the device in order to get to the back compartment. This needs to be done carefully as the two speaker wires are attached to the rear panel that holds the speaker inside. A single wrong move and you can easily disconnect the speaker to begin with. 

Still, the KX2 is a decent choice and it could be perfect if it would come with weather-proof or water-resistant features. Unfortunately, the device is pretty vulnerable when it comes to rainy weather which is a no-go for some hiking trips. 

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