Enjoy the Best Hiking Experience in Switzerland

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Do you like to hike? Does the thought of walking through valleys and mountain ridges give you a thrill? If you are interested in hiking and you are looking to experience some of the best hiking routes in the world, in that case, Switzerland should be your one-stop destination. With mountains all around it, Switzerland is said to be a hiker’s paradise. Imagine walking through the Swiss Alps, with mind-blowing natural surroundings. When it comes to hiking in Switzerland, you will Come across some of the best glaciers in the world. Want to know more about them? Refer to the Swiss glaciers by Switzerland by locals. The Morteratsch Glacier, Aletsch Glacier, Rhone Glacier are some of them.

View on the Lake Steinsee and the Stein glacier (Image: Marc Gottwald/switzerlandbylocals.com)

A brief overview of some of the best hiking trails in Switzerland 

As mentioned, if you are interested in hiking, in that case, Switzerland has some of the best routes to offer. In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the most popular hiking routes in Switzerland, which are simply going to blow your mind away.

  • Mount Rigi Panorama Trail: If you are looking for a relatively short hike, in that case, this would be the best option for you. It is a seven-kilometer hike where you can come across some of the wonderful natural sceneries you have ever witnessed. Most of the trail is gravel and dirt, however, it is very well maintained and could be accessed between May and October.
  • Matterhorn: Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks of the Alps. If you want to test your skills and stamina as a climbers, then Matterhorn has one of the toughest journeys ahead of you. Located between Switzerland and Italy, a complete climb on Matterhorn means ascending almost 4478 meters. Do you have it in you? This is the best climb for you if you wish to challenge yourself.  However, only experienced climbers can do that.
  • Engelberg Valley: If you’re looking for multiple hiking trails, in that case, Engelberg Valley would be the best destination for you. Surrounded by snowcapped mountain peaks and glaciers, a trip through the Engelberg Valley would be the experience of a lifetime.
  • Lauterbrunnen Valley: Here you can find 72 different waterfalls. With stunning views, if you’re looking for an easy and quick hike, then this is the best spot for you. If you are not a seasoned hiker, and this is the first time you’re trying it, in that case, there can be no other better option than Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Lauterbrunnen with the famous Staubbach Falls on the right (Image: Marc Gottwald/switzerlandbylocals.com)

Apart from these, there are multiple different hiking routes in Switzerland. There are many wonderful lakes in Switzerland, you would come across while hiking. You can refer to Lake Ägerisee by Switzerland by Locals to know more about this wonderful lake and some others.

Switzerland for centuries has been attracting travelers and adventure lovers from all over the world. If hiking is what you want to enjoy, then there can be no other better destination than Switzerland. With wonderful glaciers, lakes, and valleys; Switzerland offers you the best hiking experience.

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