Everything you need to know before you buy a hot tub

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If you’ve been considering the purchase of a hot tub for a while, find yourself browsing hot tubs for sale in the UK on a regular basis, and have become accustomed to buyer forums and customer testimonials, then we likely don’t need to tell you about the benefits of hot tub ownership!

From presenting yourself with the perfect outdoor relaxing experience to creating a selling point for tourist spots and somewhere that will elevate every party you host both now and in the future; hot tubs offer a range of experiential and wellbeing benefits. But they are also high maintenance, with customers needing to understand the short-term and long term implications of hot tub ownership.

Maintenance requirements – caring for your hot tub

It doesn’t matter if it’s just your immediate family using the hot tub – regular cleaning and maintenance is integral to ensuring that the tub remains fully operational and as hygienic as possible.

Cleaning your hot tub removes dirt, and bacteria, keeps the surface clean, and ensures that the pipes stay clear and in full working order – and it’s relatively simple to do. Using a hot tub system cleanser, you first need to drain and flush out the pipes and then drain the hot tub completely before undergoing a team clean on the surfaces and interior. Cleaning the filters with a powerful water jet and our concentrated cleaning substance will ensure they remain effective, before refilling the tub and adding your choice of fragranced and maintenance substances to the water.

Logistical considerations

  • Where is your hot tub going to be placed?
  • How can you optimise safety and minimise slip and trip risks between your property and the hot tub?
  • How challenging will the installation process be?

Here at Hot Tub Barn, we are no stranger to difficult delivery circumstances, small alleyways, tight squeezes, and odd angles. But before we arrive with your brand new hot tub, there are a number of logistical considerations that you need to discuss – from location and placement to the safety implications of your hot tub and how best to optimise the user experience.

As part of our packages, we offer a number of hot tub accessories to answer some of these concerns, with spa steps, covers, and mats to protect the floor around your tub from becoming a slip hazard. Beyond that, pay attention to placement – making sure that your tub is not directly under a tree or somewhere that birds regularly sit (need we mention why…?)

Features, sizes, and more

Water jets, built-in lights, seats, and other features can all enhance the experience that comes with owning and using your hot tub. Prior to purchase, consider the different deals available on different sizes hot tubs, look at material and construction both for aesthetic presentation and insulation, and be sure that the retailer you purchase from is reputable and offers installation support and warranty with every hot tub.

For more information on our offers, how to get started with buying your own hot tub, and to find out more about owning, maintaining, and using a Hot Tub Barn hot tub, visit our website and check out our previous blog posts.

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