Everything You Need To Start Paddleboarding in 2023

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Alongside wild swimming, surfing, and kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, has become immensely popular, with more individuals taking to the water every year. You may have heard of it or perhaps seen groups of wetsuit-wearing individuals pushing their boards out onto rivers and lakes but for those who have yet to experience it, paddleboarding is truly one of the most rewarding ways to explore the water.

Before you jump onto your board, however, there are a number of things to consider. Paddleboarding is a relatively easy watersport to begin enjoying, something that is evident by its popularity, but it does require a little bit of research and a few items of equipment to ensure that paddleboarders are both safe and comfortable. So, to ensure you give your new SUP endeavour a great chance at becoming a favourite activity, here’s everything you need to begin.

The Right Board

There is no one size fits all paddleboard and many paddleboarders will spend hours pouring over different specifications to ensure that their board is the most appropriate for their style and aesthetic.  Some will prefer longer or wider boards, enjoying the ease of balance they bring, whereas others will seek shorter and more nimble boards, helping them to attain tighter movements for a competitive paddle.

One of the most commonly discussed topics regards the differences between inflatable and solid paddleboards, with both options having their proponents. While many of the differences might seem negligible at a beginner’s level, the ability to compact your board after a session can be remarkably useful for both transportation and storage.

Changing Gear

Whether you are looking for privacy on a crowded beachfront or for warmth on a cold day, to change your clothing with comfort you should ensure being with you a high-quality changing robe. These accessories are easily spotted nearby the sea, especially during the winter months as many want not only to dry themselves off after being in the water but also to warm up quickly too.

In addition to changing robes, wetsuits are also recommended as they can help to maintain body temperature during colder weather. While the air might not feel particularly cold at first, prolonged periods in the water can significantly reduce the body’s temperature, and quickly too.

The Right Start

Getting started on the water can take a little time. Individuals will need to find their balance before they can begin effortlessly standing up and exploring the water, especially against small waves and tides. Even those quite confident with their balance will likely fall in the water at least once! To give yourself the best chance of picking up paddleboarding, we recommend that you first venture out with a group.

Getting started with a group of friends or even in a class, will help you feel much safer on the water, and can be a great way to learn about different tricks and tips to ensure comfort when paddling. Additionally, when heading out for the first time, be sure to find a quiet spot to begin. A patch of water that is free from strong currents and the presence of many others, such as those swimming, is ideal.

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