Experience True Luxury Aboard a Catamaran

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When it comes to luxury yacht charters, the Adventuress Luxury Catamaran sets the standard. Chartering a boat such as this catamaran can be more in reach than many people think. It’s the perfect way to spend time with family and friends or celebrate an event. In fact, a luxury charter rental is something that, once it’s experienced, becomes a regular event!

Corporate Events

Why host a corporate event at a run-of-the-mill restaurant when it can really be something special? Chartering a luxury boat is an effective way to thank the hard work of employees. This type of event is also a perfect way to entertain clients and mark business milestones.

In today’s labor environment, staff retainment is an important factor when running a successful business. Letting employees know that they are valued is a great way to keep morale up! Team building exercises are another way that companies can utilize a special venue that is sure to impress.

An “Anchor & Play” excursion is a perfect way to get everyone out of the office. This type of event can be relaxed or structured, or something in between. Planning a day aboard a yacht is everyone’s idea of a great time! There are lots of ways to get creative, and hosting the same old corporate event, again and again, is not necessary.

Get Married Aboard a Luxury Yacht

Weddings are a memorable occasion for everyone involved, and finding the perfect venue can often be a challenge. Getting married on a yacht is one way to provide guests with an event to remember while keeping the planning easy. Hosting a wedding ceremony and reception on a luxury yacht keeps logistics, such as guest transportation, to a minimum and guarantees an event that will stand out.

While the guest list may have to be a bit more exclusive, the event itself will be extra special. Engagements, anniversaries, and other celebrations are other events that lend themselves well to this type of venue. There’s no need to have to bus guests from the church to the reception, worry about catering, or hope that everyone has a good time.

Another alternative is to have the actual wedding ceremony in a church with an exclusive reception held aboard a charter yacht. There are a number of different ways to host a celebratory event utilizing more than one venue. Anyone who is looking to host a sophisticated wedding can rest assured that holding their event on board a luxury yacht will fit the bill.

Memorial at Sea

There are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed if a family wants to put the remains to rest at sea. But, if the remains are scattered or placed elsewhere, a memorial service at sea can take place without worry. If a loved one was an avid sailor or just loved spending time on the water, hosting their memorial service aboard a boat is a wonderful way to honor their memory.

Likewise, spending time as a family following a memorial is a wonderful way to process grief while celebrating the life of a loved one. Think about a sunset cruise as a touching way to say goodbye while honoring the life of someone near and dear. These events can be fully catered and timed for as long as preferred. Most yacht charter captains can create a cruise that suits the mood and the timing of a memorial. 

Whatever the occasion, it makes sense to consider a yacht charter for any important event! Take a look at this option when deciding on an event venue.

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