Explore these pubs and clubs to experience the nightlife in Shimla

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The picturesque beauty of snow-capped mountains and the enthralling natural beauty is what we are all aware of when it comes to Shimla. But you will be surprised to know this heavenly destination also has various party spots where you can rejuvenate from your mundane life. So, if you are a party freak, you will totally love this place as you can tour around the pubs and clubs of the city and groove to its beats. Additionally, you can have fun with exotic drinks and explore the nightlife of the city at its best form. On that note, you must be thinking which are the best pubs and clubs you can drop by. Don’t worry, we have a list for you which you can refer to while in the city. You can get your flight booking done to Shimla in advance to arrive at these destinations on off occasions. Generally, these destinations are crowded on events and festive occasions, so planning according to the calendar is a wise thing to do. Once you have arrived at off festive seasons, you can enjoy the city’s nightlife at these following party spots.

Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar

This pub in Shimla is a preferred choice among the tourists to enjoy the nightlife. After an exhausting day of exploration of the town, you can visit this pub to brighten up your fatigued spirits. You can enjoy some lip-smacking dishes and exotic drinks that the restaurant offers and as the night drags along, you can groove to the latest Bollywood music, the pub plays. The spacious dance floor and the trendy tunes played by the famous DJs make the place pulsating with a fresh vibe. You will also get to listen to some old gigs that the DJ plays in the early hours of the party. Whether you are on vacation with your best friends or with your better half, this place will surely make your holiday more enthralling.

The Pub

The Pub, situated in the Ritz Cineplex, offers some of the best beverages in Shimla. This trendy disco pub is very popular among the youths for its modern decor and enticing vibes. The huge dance floor with some latest music being played will make you dance till your heels hurt. When you are here, you can order your favourite drink while savouring some of the delectable dishes of this place. Besides, the nightclub also provides an exhaustive array of mocktails. So on your trip to Shimla, make it a point to visit the Pub and enjoy sipping some exotic drinks with your friends. You will enjoy spending time here amidst the grand hills surrounding the pub and will have a great nighttime experience here.

Rendezvous Bar

After a day full of sightseeing and exploring the town of Shimla, you might want to unwind and relax your fatigued body. So for that, Rendezvous Bar is the right place. The pub offers a plethora of options when it comes to choosing our favourite drinks. The expert bartenders provide new fusion drinks that you can enjoy with scrumptious and crunchy tidbits. You will also love the ambience here and especially if you come on Christmas and New Year’s, you will see the place adorned beautifully during this time. The DJ plays peppy tunes and the bar gets pumped up during the night. So, if you want to show your moves, you can come to the dance floor and do so to get appraisals from your friends or other party-goers.

Lobby Lounge- The Oberoi Cecil

It is a perfect place to raise your mood as it provides a luxurious ambience with a range of cocktails and beverages. The Oberoi Cecil has an excellent setting along with lip-smacking food and music that will take you to another realm. And the best part about this place is that you do not even have to pay any entry fee. You can experience the most satisfying time of your lives here at one of the bars by Oberoi. You can order some lip-smacking dishes from the bar and enjoy the beats of the songs, the DJ plays in the background. Besides, you can also join in with other people on the dance floor and together have fun dancing to your favourite songs. Trust me, you will love the aura of the place as soon as you reach here.

We are sure that you did not know that Shimla was equipped with modern pubs and bars till you read this article. And every time on your trip to Shimla all you did was visit the Kufri, Annadale or went for a leisurely stroll on the Ridge. So next time when you plan your tour to Shimla, do not miss trying out on these exciting pubs and nightclubs and experience the nightlife in Shimla with your squad to the fullest.

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