Exploring Satpura National Park

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Satpura Tiger Reserve is a part of the national park and has many species of mammals, reptiles and birds for visitors to see and learn about including around 14 endangered ones.  When you are not exploring the wildlife and the plant life you can also enjoy activities such as trekking, canoeing and cycling. The core park is about 1339sq km and it also has a buffer area around the park that makes up another 794sq km. This means the park is an impressive 2133sq km.

The first reserve in Madhya Pradesh that is a biosphere

Located on the river Narmada to the south it has a rich biodiversity with many different types of flora and fauna. It was declared a biosphere reserve in 1999 and includes forest, mountains, a river, plateaus and more. Sal forests are in the upper ranges and teak forests, dense and lush, spread across the lower ranges. The land is especially important for the habitat and protection it offers the tiger. An endangered species itself, Satpura National Park is one of the places offering a habitat where they can hopefully thrive. Other endangered species include the Indian Skimmer, the Giant squirrel and the Leaf-nosed bat. There are many birds, native and migratory, including the Malabar Whistling Thrush, the state bird the Paradise Flycatcher, the Malaba Pied Hornbill and Bar-headed Geese, spoon-bills, Pintails and more.

If you plan to visit check out the best times

While the Satpura Tiger Reserve is open throughout the year the best time to head there is between mid-October and the end of June because the weather gets pretty wet at that point, Monsoon comes then. Only 30 vehicles are allowed in the core area each day and there are morning and late afternoon tours. You can choose other options such as a boat ride, trekking, an elephant ride or canoeing. Some of the buffer zone can allow private vehicles but again the amount is limited. The hills station at Pachmarhi is well worth a visit, it is stunning and you can enjoy the sight and sound of waterfalls and can be reached by private vehicle.

Places to rest

There are two options for accommodation in or near Satpura National Park, private and park management.

Park Management – There are 3 places to get a room that are managed by the park, Pachmarhi, Madhai and Churna. You can call and book a room with the Satpura Tiger Reserve office. Should you have a reservation cancelled, either to protect wildlife or in cases where the park has VIPs visiting, then you will be contacted as soon as they can. Then the dates will be changed or you could get a refund on advanced fees paid. If you choose to cancel though, those fees will not be refunded.

Private – There are also a number of options close to the gates of the park that are privately run. To book a stay you would need to find them and contact them privately.    

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