Finding the Best Hiking Trails around Your Campsite

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Do you love to hike and have wondered where to get the best trails for your next adventure? If you are always looking for your next hiking adventure destination while camping, here are a few suggestions to make finding the perfect hiking trails for solo hikers, group hikers, and even kids much more effortless. Below are unique ideas you should consider.

Ask Locals

You may be new to an area because you are a foreigner or are visiting the area for the first time and have no idea what to do. In this case, locals will be your sure bet to finding a suitable campsite that will also fit your hiking desires. They know where the best attractions are and will likely point you towards the most exciting trails. Whether you are interested in seeing a waterfall you heard about or would love to go through a thick forest everyone has been talking about, locals know which places will be more rewarding.

However, you should be open-minded and ready for anything. If possible, bring along a camp chair for when you need to relax. Locals have a way of underestimating distance because they are already familiar with the place. You could take short rests along the trail or pause to enjoy specific scenes longer.

Check Online

There are a few social media sites that have great suggestions. You should consider joining some Facebook or Instagram hiking groups and check out tips and suggestions made. You will be surprised at how much you could do in the area if you know where to go. Ask other hikers for recommendations if you want to venture out alone or if you want to explore more. You will get more valuable information from experienced hikers like you.

Use Hiking Apps

Technology has made things easier. If you cannot count on referrals or do not feel comfortable joining random groups, then a hiking app should be your best friend. These are easy to use and point you to different hiking options. Apps are also great for people who need to explore more independently since they can move from one suggested trail to the next. Many people have discovered fantastic trails through such apps.

Get a Topographical Map

Try to follow the old school way and become a scout. Buy an actual physical map and read or interpret it to uncover some of the best hiking trails. This is a sure way of finding wonderful hidden gems that you will treasure for life. You may need a compass to go with the map, which will help you find your way. This is a fun way of discovering new hiking trails, especially in a group. You can combine it with your phone’s navigation system to ensure you are not getting lost.

Visit the Local Information Center

You can make it easy for yourself by simply visiting the local information center for more information. The campsite has an information desk that can supply you with all relevant hiking trails. You can even ask for guides to help you explore some of these trails without getting lost.


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