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Australia’s summer starts in December and lasts all through to February. This is when you will find the sunniest and warmest weather in any part of the country, including Central Australia. The season is usually characterized by very hot temperatures, high humidity, and heat. The weather need not scare you as long as you plan your events well and keep checking the weather frequently to amend your events if need be. If you are traveling from Europe, the UK, or the USA, arriving in Central Australia in the summer gives you a huge relief after several months of cold days.

The Australian summer brings the perfect time for outdoor activities such as a Central Australia outback four wheel drive tour. It gives you an opportunity enjoy explore Australia’s national parks, hike, and enjoy the landscape to your eye’s feel. But prepare yourself for the high temperatures by packing these essential items.

Hiking boots

As you tour Australia’s landscape, you will only see some of the most excellent bits as you walk. Ensure you have your hiking boots in place or a good pair of walking shoes. Your tour guide will also ensure you do not miss out.


The sun will be scorching, so sunscreen is a must. A natural sunscreen with organic ingredients will prove useful. Avoid sunscreens with nasty chemicals which will only be detrimental to your skin.

A head fly net.

You may have never seen so many flies in your life, and you want to ensure you remain sane during the tour. So carry a head fly net as everyone else will have one. You may feel silly when you first wear it, but you will soon realize how important it is. If you buy one in a nontourist area, you may save yourself some money.

A water bottle

Hydration is necessary, and you will need to drink a lot of water while out there. Carry your water and stay hydrated the whole time.

A mosquito repellant

Arm yourself with a mosquito repellant to keep the mosquitoes away. A natural insect repellant will also work best since it’s going into your skin.


Sunglasses will be beneficial to protect your eyes from bright sun rays. They are a must-have in the glare of the sun.

A good camera

Last but not least, carry a good camera to capture the moments. Add any other essential items you need.

For the perfect road trip, you need to budget before you leave. Note that the closer you get to your summer destination, the more expensive fuel becomes. Ensure you fill up your tank before leaving if you want to save some money. If you are traveling during the peak summer season, expect huge crowds and full campgrounds. That is because Australia’s travel industry targeting its city-bound own is booming. The sunset viewing platforms get filled up pretty first as everyone will be looking for a sport to set up their tripod for the perfect view. A good tip is, don’t rush to see everything, take your time, sit back and enjoy the moment. That is the best way to experience Central Australia’s stunning landscape in the summer.

The takeaway

Visiting Central Australia in the summer gives you an experience of a lifetime. With so many activities and places to visit, it will leave you with an unforgettable experience of the hottest tours on planet earth.

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