How To Enjoy While Staying Nearby At A Seaside Restaurant?

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Taking a break once in a while nearby at a seaside restaurant in Singapore or anywhere else is on everyone’s bucket list. After all, working for 45 hours or more per week can be mentally and physically exhausting.

Laying on the couch and watching Netflix shows is no longer enough to relieve the stress away and make one feel better. The only way to become energetic again and ready for work is to take some time off. Consider using your annual leave and make sure to go to the beach with your loved ones.

You can enjoy yourself more while staying nearby at a Sentosa beach restaurant in Singapore with your loved one. Listed below are the different ways you can do it there.

14 Ways To Enjoy Yourself While Staying Nearby At A Seaside Restaurant

1. Look For Dolphins

If dogs are man’s best friends on land, the dolphins are the animals you can trust while you are in the oceans since they are friendly by nature. Even though dolphins are quite the bigger type of fish, you should not be afraid of them. You can get up close and touch dolphins with your hand.

2. Build A Sandcastle

In case you are not fond of playing with sea creatures, that is okay. You can still enjoy your stay nearby at a seaside restaurant in Singapore by building a sandcastle. All you need to do is bring different sizes of buckets and shovels,

3. Bury Someone In The Sand

The next thing you can do to enjoy your vacation is to bury your loved one in the sand. You should know that this practice or activity can be therapeutic. Even though the method used is different, a sand bath is similar to a sauna. It cleanses and removes toxins in the body at the same time.

The problem, however, is that you should not let your loved one stay buried in the sand for long. Otherwise, the hot sand might burn the skin and cause dehydration.

4. Take A Walk At The Boardwalk


Consider taking a walk after eating delicious meals at a Sentosa beach restaurant in Singapore. You can digest the food you eat and enjoy the beautiful scenery while the ocean breeze touches your skin.

Besides applying enough sunblock, ensure to bring your umbrella since it will help prevent you from getting sunburn from staying too long under the sun.

5. Camp On The Beach

If staying all day long at the beach is enough to enjoy nature, you camp outside by setting up a camping tent.  However, before doing this activity, read the beach ground rules. You should know that some beaches have curfew hours and people can only stay roaming around within certain hours.

6. Have A Beach Picnic

Another way you can enjoy your stay is to have a picnic. Since most hotels do not allow their customers to cook meals inside their booked room, consider getting finger food take outs from a Siloso beach car.

7. Go Window Shopping

If you love window shopping in the city, you will enjoy yourself more here. At the beach, many shops sell various things you can barely see and find at the malls in the city.

8. Indulge In Fruity Drinks

After a long day roaming the beach, you need something to quench your thirst. In that case, consider indulging in fruity drinks that you can buy from a beach bar in Singapore. Like one the city, they also offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy.

9. Savour Fresh Seafood

Do you love eating seafood? If yes, you will be able to savour the flavour of every seafood since each dish is freshly caught and prepared. The juiciness of the crab and prawn meats is different from the ones you mostly eat in the city.

10. Go Fishing

Even though fishing seems like a chore, this activity is fun and exciting. You will never know what kind of fish will get caught in your fishing rod.

Once you catch something with your fishing rod, there are two things you can do. Let the fish go or ask the chef from a seaside restaurant if they can do you a favour and cook you a delicious meal with the fish you have caught.

11. Go Surfing

When you are at the beach, swimming is not enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Consider getting involved and be part of it by surfing.

If you have no idea how to surf, you can hire a surfing coach. They will be someone to guide you so you will not get drowned in the waves.

12. Fly A Kite

You can also fly a kite after you eat your lunch at a seaside restaurant in Singapore. Renting is the best way you can get a kite if you do not own one.

13. Have A Bonfire Party

Another thing you can do to enjoy yourself if you are at the beach is to have a bonfire party. Staying a bit close to the bonfire and eating marshmallows can be a memorable event of your life.

14. Get A Drink At A Beach Bar

The day of your vacation will not end well if you do not get a drink at a beach bar in Singapore. A few sips of their cocktail can help you forget all the stress you are suffering from at work.

Final Remarks!

How you will enjoy your stay nearby at a seaside restaurant in Singapore highly depends on your choices. If you want to get away from the corporate world, you should try to relax and not mind any work for a while.

Since you are on leave, the one you should prioritise the most is your happiness. Whether you go to Sentosa to have brunch or indulge in their fruity drinks is all up to you. Thus, make sure to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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