How to Prepare for a Safe and Enjoyable Cave Tour in Margaret River

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One of the most popular parts of visiting Margaret River are the cave tours you can go on in the area, which let you get up close and personal with these natural wonders. However, these tours do require some preparation on your part in order to make sure that you can enjoy the experience safely, so here’s how to prepare for the safe and enjoyable cave tours Margaret River.

1. Appropriate Clothing

The first thing you should make sure you bring with you is appropriate clothing. This means bringing clothing made of material that is non-flammable, which is going to help if there are any sparks or fires during the tour. It’s also a good idea to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty during the tour, as caves do tend to get quite dirty and dusty.

2. Bring the right equipment

Margaret river cave tours do require certain equipment in order to be successful, and you should be prepared to bring these with you. This includes the following:

Flashlight – One of the best ways to see in caves is by using the natural lighting they provide and it’s a good idea to have a flashlight on hand. This will help you create your own light source rather than using electricity, which makes you less likely to cause an electrical fire or spark.

Safety equipment – You should also make sure that you bring plenty of safety equipment with you. You should have a helmet with you so that when you do get into the cave, you can protect your head if it drops or gets loose. You should also bring some sturdy shoes with you in case there are any uneven surfaces in the cave and extra support is needed. You should also bring some safety gloves so that your hands won’t get cut while navigating around caves and hanging around stalactites.

3. Book your tour programs

You should also make sure that you book your cave tour well in advance, as not all of the tours are available at all times due to weather conditions and other factors. One good way to go about booking these tours is to call up one of the many venues that provide cave tours Margaret River and either book for a time or ask when the next available slots are.

4. Get all safety gear checked before going on a tour

You should also make sure that all your safety gear is in good working order and is going to be beneficial for you during the tour. This is especially important if you are going on a caving tour with children, as they may not be as careful or alert as adults, which could lead to danger.

5. Pack light

You should also make sure that you only bring the necessities in your bag when going on a cave tour. While it’s certainly useful to bring as much food as possible, this is not necessary and could possibly be dangerous if you’re stuck in a cave for an extended period of time. You should make sure you also pack the bare minimum of any other belongings that you might need during the tour.

6. Visit the caves before the rain

It’s a good idea to check up on the caves during the daytime before you decide to go on a tour and make sure that they are open and safe for you to visit. If there is any possibility of rain or other conditions that might be hazardous for cave tours, make sure you call up the cave tour venue ahead of time so they can advise you on whether or not the cave will be available.

Margaret river cave tours are a wonderful way to see the natural wonders of this area, but they do require you to be prepared in order to enjoy them without putting yourself or others at risk. 


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