How to Print Your Own Skateboard Graphics-A Simple Guide

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Showing the creative dimension has become an important part of the skate scene. You’re definitely going use your longboard wheels for cruising, so why don’t you strengthen the bond with an imaginative twist? You can benefit from learning how to print your own skateboard graphics!

Today, if you want to minimize the expense of making your own skateboard graphics, you can print them on your own. Of course, there are a lot of skateboard producers that will do all this for you. It could cost you more, though. Good news is, creating and printing your own skateboard graphics with the aid of computer tools has become much simpler.

Build your own template

Today, if you’re an artist yourself, we’d consider using standard tools from the printing industry, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. When creating your own skateboard graphics digitally, be sure to translate the template to a vector format. Vector graphics can be conveniently scaled to the size of the board without lack of consistency.

Often, if you don’t want to immerse yourself in the complexities of these two resources, you might find a graphic artist.

Produce a digital print

You have your skateboard graphics in digital format in this phase. Now, you can print the graphics online. Print the skateboard graphics on a film base, like vinyl or veneer. This will allow your graphics to be moved to your deck.Most inkjet printers will now print on translucent surfaces like film. If you don’t have one, go to the nearest library and print the graphics. Now, you’re primed for the next step in the artistic process.

Cover the Deck

In this phase, you make a canvas that catches your imagination. Get ready to paint your board as the basis for your concept.Try mixing the colors that will match your custom skateboard graphics. And let the imagination run wild, of course!Make sure you coat every part of the board to your taste. When you put the graphics on the canvas, it’s going to be difficult to color on the wall.

Pass the design to the Board of Directors

Now that you’ve coated your longboard wheels for cruising with the colors of your choosing, it’s time to use heat transfer printing. Heat transfer is the industry standard for printing custom skateboards.Essentially, the heat transfer process requires a projector or digital printing of ink on thin plastic layers. The plastic layers are then adjusted to the surface.The layers are then processed into a hot silicone roller unit. The computer would then move the dye, effectively creating a chemical bond on the board. This approach can move your own skateboard graphics nearly flawlessly, with the design consistency practically unchanged.After that, add the graphics to a heat machine. The computer essentially moves the graphics you have printed on the film surface. The most critical thing is that this computer presses your film on the floor. This gives the graphics a cleaner finish!

Complete the concept

Now that you’ve got your own skateboard graphics on your board, there’s always much left to do. You’ll actually use your skateboard for a bit, which eventually breaks off the coating on your board. Simply put, you’re going to want to shield your custom graphics from the different components. 

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