Keep Your Jewelry Secured In ATravel Jewelry Case 

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There are a lot of things that you have to consider when packing jewelry for a vacation like how much jewelry you intend to bring or whether you will place it on your carry-on or checked baggage. Bring only the favorite jewelry that you wear every day; not your gorgeous diamond earrings and pearl necklace. Pack your jewelry on your carry-on for safety purposes but make sure that they are properly organized. 

Choosing between a jewelry travel roll or travel jewelry case

Jewelry travel rolls have separate compartments and a large panel that can be rolled into a compact little package that could easily fit inside the carry-on. You can lay your necklaces out flat and slide the earrings and rings on the compartments or plastic slots so that they won’t create a tangled mess. 

A jewelry travel roll can be fashionable because it is usually made from soft fabric like silk that matches the color of your purse. However, it does not provide for any security other than the ability to tie a solid double-knot. If it gets untied, the travel roll can open and allow the jewelry to come out. There are also instances when individual pieces like rings or earrings manage to slide out from the top or bottom of the roll even if the ties stay firmly knotted. Your jewelry can be damaged if it tangles with the other items inside your purse. 

Meanwhile, the travel jewelry case is like a small zippered travel bag. The advantage of the jewelry case is the zip-around enclosure that provides more security than double-knotted tassels. You have also more options when it comes to size. There are small and medium sizes that can easily fit several pieces of jewelry to ensure that they are organized properly during the trip. The large-sized case is the perfect choice if you have plans to shop for more jewelry while on vacation. 

A jewelry case consists of several compartments with the larger ones for necklaces and watches and the smaller ones for rings and earrings. A better option is a jewelry case that includes earring bars, loops for necklaces and rings, bracelet pockets, and extra external zipped pouches for everything else. In case there are no loops for your necklaces, use a straw to prevent them from tangling. Insert one end of the necklace on the straw and fasten the clasp.  To ensure that earring pairs stay together, insert them through to a buttonhole. Use one button for every pair of earrings. 

A 5” x 7” slim jewelry case is compact enough to slide on your purse or carry on. A hard-shell jewelry case can handle more roughage than a fabric jewelry bag. There are also jewelry cases that are made from leather or synthetic leather to make sure that your jewelry is always protected. On the other hand, the travel jewelry case is not exclusive for travel purposes; it can be used daily to organize the jewelry you want to bring to school, to the office, to the gym, or yoga studio.

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