Key snorkeling tips for beginners

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Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling allows one to experience the beauty of the underwater world with lesser expense and experience. Despite the simplicity of the process, many beginners are nervous. People from all across the globe undertake kailua kona snorkeling tours because of the exciting, mysterious, and colorful life beneath the sea. A beginner needs to follow certain tips to make the activity fun-filled and a life-changing experience.

Choosing high-quality snorkeling gear

The first thing that a beginner must pay attention to is high-quality snorkeling gear. Apart from renting from a local shop, it is always better to carry an extra kit, irrespective of the cost it will incur. The key to an excellent snorkeling experience is choosing the right and superior quality gear. The mask is one of the most important gears that must fit the face properly. It should be sealed, which indicates that inhalation should be only through the nose. In addition, the band mustn’t be excessively tight or there is a risk of painful squeeze from water pressure. A snorkel must also have a dry valve located at the top to protect against wave splashes.

Carrying the rental fins

Whether one wants to swim normally or in a lethargic way, often first-time snorkelers leave the rented fins behind. On the contrary, using fins can save energy and tiredness while snorkeling. Moreover, it can bring all the difference in swimming against a strong current. It is important to ensure that the fins are not excessively tight. Tight fins can cause blisters on wet skin on the feet. Wearing water shoes and dive boots can protect the tops of the feet. It might look funny, but one should walk backward wearing fins while entering and exiting the beach eater as it will be less clumsy.

Snorkeling in the right places

Having the right snorkeling gear doesn’t guarantee the best marine life unless one is snorkeling in the right places. While considering a kailua kona snorkeling tour, the guide can provide relevant suggestions. A divemaster or guide can suggest underwater places that offer sanctuary other than the plain sandy bottom. Furthermore, a beginner can enjoy coral reefs and other underwater animals better, thanks to the suggestions from an experienced guide. One also needs to be careful while swimming around rocky prominence because of the strong back currents. In addition, boat and jet ski traffic areas should be considered for safety as well.

Clearing a fogged-up mask

One of the challenges faced during snorkeling is a fogged-up mask. A beginner or an experienced snorkeler must be aware of the ways to clear it. Some use anti-fog masks that are easily available from the local dive shops. There is an approach recommended by guides and divemasters to help prevent fogging the mask. It is suggested to avoid putting on the mask too soon before diving in the water. It is the difference in the temperature that causes the fog.


There are several other steps involved in safer and more efficient snorkeling. The above-mentioned are some of the key tips that every beginner must follow while undertaking a kailua kona snorkeling tour. Snorkeling is a fun, and life-changing experience that must be executed while keeping the safety factor in mind.

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