Mesmerizing villages in England that you cannot miss out

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England is a perfect destination to admire the beauty of the picturesque villages. Forget about Italy or Greece, nothing can beat the exquisiteness as you can see in the UK. If you’re traveling to England, you’ll get to witness the beautiful forests that surround these villages. Britain is a paradise for people who love to enjoy a peaceful time in pastoral settings. It is packed with lush greeneries, historic castles, bobbing boats, colorful harbors, paved marketplaces, ponds, and cute cottages. Though you cannot miss out on the city life, the small settlements have a charm of their own.

In this article, you’ll get to learn about some of the prettiest villages in England that you can’t simply afford to skip out.

Bibury, Cotswolds

Once upon a time, this village was considered the ‘most beautiful village of England’ by William Morris, who was a British poet, designer, translator, and novelist.  This beautiful village nestles on Arlington Row, which is considered the most beautiful location to capture in your cameras. You’ll find some of the prettiest cottages in this location which is perfect for a romantic escape.

Polperro, Cornwall

Known as one of the beautiful fishing destinations, Polperro is home to shining waters and charming harbors. It’s an amazing place to enjoy the pastoral beauty of the country and also a perfect destination for a short weekend gateway. It is adorned with enticing cottages with a prime location by the sea. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the coastline, take a relaxing walk through the traffic-free streets, and spend some time exploring the past stories of this beautiful village.

Burnsall, Yorkshire

Burnsall is a beautiful village nestled on the Lower Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales. This delightful village has an impressive fellside backdrop and the long Dales Way which is 84 miles passes through the center of this village. It is a perfect destination for people who love to walk amidst pastoral settings.

Cartmel, Lake District

Cartmel, nestled in the Lake District is rapidly becoming a perfect destination for foodies. This can definitely fall under the list of prettiest villages in England. Tourists here usually visit the village shops as the place is famous for sheep’s cheese, coffee, and sticky toffee pudding. It has some of the luxurious 5-star cottages with lavish amenities. So check those properties before you visit this place.

Broadway, Worcestershire

Broadway, which is another exotic destination on the Cotswold idyll, is known for its superior sand-colored stone portraying the architectural beauty of this place. It has sweet shops that’ll surely tantalize your taste buds. It is a perfect place for the foodies especially the ones fond of seafood. Broadway is home to one of the top Fish and Chips shops.

Besides the aforementioned villages, you can also explore the other picturesque settings like Muker (North Yorkshire), Beesands (Devon), Snowshill (Gloucestershire), Grasmere (Cumbria), Ombersley (Worcestershire), and much more. Most of these villages are overlooked by the tourists and they usually head towards the city. So, it’s always a good option to begin your homework before you visit this place.


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