Mexico City Bus Terminals: A Brief Look at Them

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Mexico City has five bus terminals to select from a north terminal, two at the airport, south terminal, or Coapa, as well as to the west is the Observatorio.

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Airport Terminal 1 and 2

Buses leave from both Terminal 1 as well as Terminal 2 about every half hour to Queretaro. Checking out a map of Mexico City, this is additionally the simplest point to access the historical facility and popular areas of Mexico City. The airport terminal stops are costly by 100 pesos or two, about an additional $5 USD, yet it will be simpler to get Ubers or taxis from here to your Mexico City destination.

Terminal 2 at the flight terminal is the easiest one to browse. When you gather your travel luggage as well as exit custom-made, head to the right, as well as leave the main doors. You will see a glass building a little to the right. That is the bus terminal with customer support counters, waiting for space, a little coffee shop, as well as modern shower rooms.

If you fly right into Terminal 1, it’s more strolling, but indicators, as well as safety, will help lead you. From baggage claim, you will require to rise the stairways. Depending upon where in the terminal you get here, you might be on the correct level or need to go down one level. The counters for customer service are found near the international terminal.

North Terminal, or Norte


There is a metro terminal directly to and from it, as well as its 20 minutes north of the Zocalo. Buses going in between Queretaro as well as Mexico City are extra countless at 3 sometimes 4 buses per hour during heavy traffic times.



The Observatory bus terminal lies in the area of Alvaro Obregon southwest of the Parque Chapultepec as well as La Condesa. A couple of buses will leave from there every hour.



This bus terminal is south of the major part of Mexico City as well as an hour distance from the central historic facility. Buses leave there for Queretaro every hour or hour and a half.

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