Namibia Canyon Lodge Namibia Fish River Tips

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Enter Namibia, a country that plays the Hamptons to Africa NYC. Namibia jewel is Etosha, home to a national park of the same name as well as a bigger part of the country foremost resorts. Sleep under a thatched roof, wrapped in the folds of a calm night breeze, before walking and spending an hour on two at the spa. Then jump in a 4×4 and go on safari, spotting endangered black rhinos, lions, giraffes and flamingos.

Here are some of the best Namibia hotel to stay:

Canyon Lodge Namibia Fish River

Canyon Lodge has a wonderful place 20 minutes drive from the Fish River Canyon. Although a quite big lodge it definitely does not lack for character.

There are thirty little stone bungalows that are built around the rocks of the granite kopjes. Little paths lead between huge boulders to the little cottages. Each has a twin or double bed, mosquito nets and en suite bathroom. Generally, a number of the walls of the chalets are the boulders themselves so they are all types of shapes and at all manner of funny angles. Outside your cottage there is a little terrace with chairs and table which you can enjoy the wonderful desert views.

The key Canyon Lodge Namibia Fish River houses a dining room with cosy fireplace, little pool and shady terrace. There is forever lots to watch around the lodge from rock dassies amazing themselves on the boulders, to mongooses zipping the mousebirds or ground and starling that like to steal the crumbs from your table.

Fish River Canyon Lodge Camping

An amazing canyon set in the wide, flat plains and southern Namibia. Fish River Canyon is the one of the deepest in the plant and has been likened to the Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA. It is 16km long, up to twenty-seven km wide and almost 550m deep. In ages past it was sculpted by the Fish River, which now exists as a mere trickle flowing at the base of the wonderful canyon. For most of the year, the river is reduced to a series of little pools along the canyon floor.

This popular landscape with Namibia tour packages presents a wonderful drop from the flat desert plains and it is easy to walk down to the bottom,  and there is sufficient water, to take a refreshing swim in the river. The warm spring of Ais-Ais are found at the southern end of the canyon and are reputedly an amazing remedy for rheumatism.

Do Fish River Canyon Lodge camping and discover the second biggest canyon in the world.


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