Nightlife in Goa: Best Places to Explore

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Goa is loved for its picturesque landscape, stunning beaches and old world charm. It is not just the daytime when the tourists can have fun in the state as the nightlife here is equally interesting. Wait for the sun to go down and you’ll see the vibrant and rocking side of Goa. Having the best pubs, casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, it is rightly called the party capital of India. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful state, you don’t need to spend your nights at the hotel as there is a lot to experience and explore at night. Read on to know the best places in Goa where you can enjoy carelessly at night and have limitless fun:

1-Visit the Beach Stacks: If you want to see the nightlife of Goa in all its vibrancy, it is best that you head to some of the popular beach stacks of the state. Bright lights, lively music, tasty cocktails and lip-smacking food, the beach stacks in Goa are the best places to chill at night. Souza Lobo, Britto’s shack, Curlies Shiva Valley and Johncy are the popular beach stacks that are worth exploring. Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or a group of friends, visiting these beach stacks will make your trip to Goa truly memorable.

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2-Explore the Pubs and Clubs: Another great way to experience the vibrant nightlife of Goa is by visiting the best pubs and clubs. With foot tapping music, delicious food and drinks and lively ambience, these places are just perfect to dance the night away and have some great time with friends. The Red Ginger, Farmhouse Bar and Bistro, Soro-The Village Pub, Watson’s Grub Pub and Tito’s are popular havens for all party lovers. Music performances by the best music bands and live gigs at these places will keep you entertained throughout the night.

3-Head to the Best Restaurants for Dinner: Goa is a paradise for food lovers. If you want to relish authentic delicacies from the Goan cuisine, it is best to plan a dinner at one of the top restaurants. Head to any of the romantic restaurants in Goa like Corta’s, La Page, Spice Goa and Canacona and you are sure to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Do try tasty delights like vindaloo (a Goan fish curry), bebinca, cafreal and xacuti. At some restaurants, you can also savour international flavours with a Goan twist for a unique dining experience. The elegant ambience, beautiful décor and warm hospitality at these restaurants will make sure you have a wonderful dining experience.

4- Mackie’s Night Bazaar: If you are a shopaholic, exploring this beautiful market is the best way to spend your Saturday night in Goa. It is a one-stop destination for all tourists where they buy attractive goods and souvenirs. From ethnic handicrafts to to stoles, bags and shoes, here you’ll find everything. The market is beautifully lit up at night with lanterns and the ambience is just perfect to shop to your heart’s content. Make sure you visit this market on your trip to Goa and you will surely not be disappointed.

Goa at night is truly magical. So when you plan your next vacation, do explore the above places to soak in the energising vibe of the state. For your stay, it is best that you choose a private beach resort in Goa. Equipped with all the world-class amenities, the top resorts in Goa like The LaLiT Golf and Spa Resort will make sure you have a comfortable stay on your vacation.

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