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Not-To-Miss Important Travel Guide for People Travelling Abroad or Within Country –

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Introduction –

Travelling can be very exciting and mind refreshing. You can always enjoy the adventure of travel and get so glued into enjoying your traveling that sometimes you may forget about the travel safety and security. There are many people who plan trip abroad and are not prepared for the basic things to note and they are of the attitude like, “we will deal with it on the spot” or “we will ask the locals or helpful people” and so on. But sorry to say this, there are no helpful people and depending on them can bring you in situations, where you need to adjust to bear the problem. So, it is better that before hand you refer to this, Travel guide & click on the link referenced above. Also, continue reading to broaden your horizons on the subject of travelling abroad and local or state, as the case may be.

Study & Research About the Place of Travel –

Learn always about your destination, i.e., state, city or country in depth before you reach there. Always and always read reviews of the travellers, as reviews are like an umbrella that will protect you from unwanted rains (i.e., pitfalls or mistake) that you can commonly make or every common traveller makes, when new to any country. Know about the safe locations, neighbourhoods and crime rate of the area. Make sure that you check online the State’s department site and always enrol in STEP (smart traveller enrolment program.) Plus, the most important of all, have all the emergency local numbers in your phone, like the police, hospital, ambulance and others. You should know whom to contact in case of emergency.

Don’t Be an Attention Seeker & Other Safety Tips –

Some people have a habit of being an attention seeker, as they enjoy gaining people’s attention. But in abroad you can seriously attract the wrong people, who can put you in trouble. For instance, when with your partner, avoid PDAs (public display of attention). Choose decent clothing, speak less and don’t speak loudly, or laugh loudly or sing. Make sure that you know the maps, routes and road routes. Before embarking on the journey make sure that, you buy a map, local one from the airport. Always use GPS. Have copies of all documents like your ID cards and passport with you. Keep your hotel cupboard locked. Stay connected always with your family and friends, both in abroad as well as in your country and keep them informed about everything, like where you are going, that you reached your hotel back that you are next days trip is at so and so place and so on.

Use of Wi-Fi and ATMs –

Don’t be quick to switch to the internet access easily or from easy source. As hackers are always waiting on line. So, be careful when using public Wi-Fi in abroad. Make sure that the hotel which you choose is a good and reputed one and always use the hotel Wi-Fi, if you don’t have data access on your phone. But it is advisable that you have a data in your phone. Next, don’t use any ATMs, use the one that is connected to your bank or international. As scammers are spread everywhere and using local ATMs can be risky. Set up a VPN (virtual private network) that will help you to use the internet securely when you are travelling.

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