Places Recommendations to Visit While Around Balestier, Singapore

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Singapore’s city center is in the south of Singapore. Most of the business and economic activities are concentrated in the south, making some areas in Singapore less familiar. One of them is the northern region which actually has interesting places as well as culinary tours in Balestier, in this area, you can go around enjoying a variety of delicious culinary delights.

In Balestier there are also several hotels that provide the best facilities and services, the prices offered are also very varied. If you visit Singapore, there is nothing wrong with trying to stay in this area. Some hotels in Balestier are very close to some delicious culinary places that are ready to pamper your tongue.

  1. Value Hotel Balestier

Choosing a place to stay at an ideal hotel in Singapore is very easy, one of which is that you can stay at Value Hotel Balestier which is comfortable and very close to various popular places in Singapore.

This hotel offers various facilities that are ready to pamper you, ranging from room facilities available with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and bathrooms complete with equipment. There is also free WiFi that you can use while in this hotel. In addition, this hotel also offers a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and shops, a parking area for this hotel is also available.

You can spend time at many famous places near this hotel such as Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple, Haji Lane, as well as delicious culinary places, including Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant, JUMBO Seafood, and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle.

Some culinary places that you must visit when in Balestier, want to eat well? Let’s see the review below

  1. Wheeler’s Yard

The first culinary place you can visit is Wheeler’s Yard, a cafe, this place offers delicious food with western-themed dishes serving Poached Eggs for breakfast and Ultimate Beef Yard Burger for lunch or afternoon snacks. Not only that, but there is also another menu that is typical of Singapore, at Loy Kee Chicken Rice.

  1. Balestier Road

To enjoy street food, you can try exploring Balestier Road. Here, there is a Pia Long Cake Shop, Fat Tau Sar Piah, which was founded in 1948. You can also add insight by looking at information related to history and ancient tools for making pastries that are available in this shop window.

  1. Hawkers Centre

You can also visit the Hawkers Center, a place with super complete food. Some of Singapore’s famous food menus originate from here, it’s no wonder that the Hawkers Center has received recognition from Michelin, an institution that awards the title for exceptional food. This place is in Hougang, the Northeast area of ​​Singapore.

If you are interested in visiting here, Ci Yuan Hawker Center can be an option. This place has 40 stalls and over 600 seats. You can taste some of the most delicious food here, including Yong tau foo, fish soup and oyster omelet. Another favorite shop is Sing Heng Kee porridge cooked in Cantonese style.

For those of you who are Muslims, you don’t need to worry, in Hougang, there are also various halal foods. Among them are the Qiji and Chai Chee Nasi Lemak stalls which serve nasi lemak, and Al-Afsana and Laila’s Kitchen which serves Middle Eastern cuisine.


  1. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall 

In addition to culinary tours, you can also visit Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. A museum and monument were built to commemorate the Chinese revolutionary, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, for his role in the Singapore revolution and for encouraging the spirit of the Chinese community in Singapore.

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