Popular White Water Rafting Areas Near Rishikesh

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Unmatched, challenging, delightful, electrifying, captivating; there are a few adjectives that people use to describe river rafting in Rishikesh. There is no doubt that people opting for rishikesh rafting packages are in for an adrenaline rushing once ain a lifetime trip. The fact that rishikesh river rafting offers something for everybody further popularises this uniquely beautiful gateway to the “abode of the Gods.” 

River rafting in Rishikesh has been classified into different regions based on the diversity of rapids offered and the intensity of challenge they present. They are:

  • Brahampuri: This is an 8km stretch starting from Brahampuri and ending in Ram Jhula. This is the easiest river rafting region and is generally availed by novices and families. It offers Grade 1 rafting and the rishikesh rafting packages available allow beginners between the ages of 7 and 65 to enjoy the thrill of the rapids without its associated dangers.
  • Shivpuri: This 16km stretch is the most common rafting region in Rishikesh. Its rafting season starts from the middle of October and ends before the rainy season in June. It boasts of some of most popular rapids and is as popular for the rafting experience as it is for the riverside camps it offers. This is the most selling river rafting stretch as it offers easy rafting at low costs.
  • Marine Drive: This sailing destination is situated about 2 hours from Rishikesh and offers moderate rapids with intensity higher than those present in the Shivpuri stretch. Rafters can also enjoy cliff jumping in this region. This stretch is popular with corporates offering their executives an experience at coping with rapids and take advantage of the rishikesh camping rates to enjoy the vastness of the clear start filled sky at night.
  • Byasi: This is located on the Badrinath Highway and is about 35kms away from Rishikesh. This stretch is more towards Devprayag and hence offers a great variety of thrilling rapids to the adventurous soul. It also offers captivating views of the Himalayas and the surrounding scenery makes river rafting an almost ethereal experience.
  • Kaudiyala: This place about 40kms from Rishikesh offers rafters an opportunity to challenge their survival skills. 13 rapids belonging to the Grade III and Grade IV variety dot this stretch. Meant exclusively for experienced and trained rafters, this river rafting region tests the stamina and strength of rafters for a good 4 to 5 hours. It is filled with rocks resulting in irregular, high waves that tend to capsize the rafts and throw rafters into ice-cold waters. Yet the adrenaline rush leaves the rafters wanting for more. Most rafters take advantage of the rishikesh camping rates offered and stay overnight to experience the thrill repeatedly.
  • Devprayag: This provides the ultimate in rafting experience. Rafters willing to navigate this stretch need to have immense stamina and a good physique. This stretch of 75 kms from Devprayag to Rishikesh takes 2 days to complete. Presenting rapids of unimaginable intensity amid the swirling waters mastering this region requires absolute concentration and strength. 

The river rafting demarcations made provide many opportunities to distinguish the able rafters from the novice and the experienced from the first-timers. Each of these rafting points also boasts of several camping sites nearby providing a holistic experience for both the body and the soul. 

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