Practical Solutions for the Car Rental Options You Can Try in Miami

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You decided to rent a car during your trip in Miami. Arriving at the rental store, he realized that the price would be much more expensive for having hired at the time, both for the price of the car seat for his son, additional driver for his wife and GPS to guide the way.

Finally, when delivering the car at the end of the trip, an extra fee was charged for some damage to the vehicle that you had not previously noticed. Could these and other headaches have been prevented? See these tips for exotic car rental miami.

Hire the rental company insurance

Car rental companies offer insurance packages with protection against theft and theft, fire, total loss of the vehicle due to collision or accident, material and personal damages and damages against third parties, according to each rental company. You can hire from more basic packages to more complete packages, for an increase in value.

The tip here is: do not sin for moderation and hire coverage. Hire, for example, coverage against damage to third parties. Imagine if you hit a vehicle, because damage to the driver and are sued to pay compensation? The insurance covers this amount that must be paid.

Do not forget: in the event of an accident (risk covered by the policy) with the vehicle, a co-participation will be charged, as stated in the rental agreement.

Many rental companies offer discounts for packages booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly. How about taking advantage of this discount to hire insurance with more coverage?

Inform the additional driver when renting a car

You rented a car in your name, but in the middle of the trip you thought it wouldn’t be a problem for your boyfriend to take control of the steering wheel for a few kilometers? Forget it!

If your name has not been provided as an additional driver and in the middle of driving you have an accident, it is very likely that the insurer will refuse to pay the compensation for the repair. And even worse, who will take over this account will be you. So, always inform additional drivers.

Check everything in the package

The famous fine print of the contracts can talk a lot about car rental (as well as anything you hire). For example, car rental companies are not responsible for personal items and valuables left in the vehicle after the return.

Take care also with traffic violations: the tenant is responsible for them, even if the notification of a fine has arrived after the contract has ended. As well as reading the general insurance conditions, you must also read the car rental terms and conditions.

Assess the condition of the rental vehicle

The moment you receive the vehicle, even before driving, it is important to make a complete inspection from the bodywork to the fuel level. If anything is wrong, this is the time to speak.

Get to know the itinerary and see if you really need to rent

An important tip if you are going to rent a car while traveling is to know the itinerary where the car will run. For example, if you are going to drive in a capital like São Paulo at 6 pm during the week, in addition to catching traffic and you will need to pay for parking.


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