Privacy, Discretion & Service. The Three Key Factors of a Luxury Experience.

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A family holiday aboard a yacht is a fantastic way to create lifelong memories and inspire a love of sailing. If quality time and breathtaking scenery are important to your  holidayendeavours, sailing a yacht will provide these to you in spades. The luxury of a yacht also allows forthe utmost privacy, discretion & service to promote a personalised experience catered to your needs. Every day is an adventure on the water thanks to the team at MV Alfie & Co and their luxury super yacht packages.

An exclusive yacht experience provides unparalleled privacy and is leaps and bounds beyond the offerings of a hotel, apartment, or cruise ship.You can enjoy the convenience of home whilst sailing effortlessly through the stunning beach covesand remain uninterrupted by large crowds. MV Alfie & Co have scoped out some of the most incredible destinations that are only accessible by boat. Imagine watching the sunrise from a charming island cove, cruising to a secluded beach with golden sands, and diving into the warm water with only your family around.

The charter crew are there purely to enhance your trip, manage the technicalities and keep you safe and serviced. It’s a treat to be handed a fresh towel every morning, a refreshing drink during breakfast and an icy cocktail in the afternoon. The charter crew is always there to ensure you have a pleasant holiday and can answer any questions along the way. Moreover, you can take advantage of the captain’s local expertise to discover the best snorkellingand swimming spots. We also encourage you to take advantage of the happy hour cocktails and delicious meals.

Chartering a yacht is about exploration and escape. The pace of life on a boat is slower. On a yacht, you can reconnect with nature and enjoy life’s little pleasures such as watching a sea turtle swim by or the sunset with your family. MV Alfie & Co provide an attractive environment that promotes disconnection from your phone and the day-to-day stresses. Between the charter service, amenities of the vessel and the awe inspiring scenery, you will feel immersed and completely connected to your surroundings and family.

Hosting functions in a hotel or hall can be tiresome and even sweltering for guests. With a luxury yacht from MV Alfie & Co for your next event, you can provide your guests with a stimulating experience and one that is perfect for the summer months. Any event on a chartered yacht will increase the excitement factor and MV Alfie &Co’s all-inclusive package will make hosting an ocean breeze. From an expert crew to operate and manage the yacht through to the provision of tailored food and drinks packages, you’ll experience the utmost privacy, discretion and service for your next outing.

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