Seven Experiences to Expect at Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

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Planning new adventures is a way to break free from the routine of daily life. Often adventurous experiences are far away and expensive, but they don’t have to be. Without any spoilers, discover seven experiences to expect at murder mystery shows.

Delicious Dinner Options

While the show is enticing, everyone wants to feast on tasty cuisine. Enjoy an array of tempting options during a murder mystery dinner show, such as chicken, salmon, and vegetable pasta with mouth-watering desserts. Choosing a dinner and show combination doubles the pleasure with irresistible food and entertainment.

Feel Safe

People are often hesitant to participate in group activities after quarantine as everyone starts to go back to pre-pandemic activities. During a mystery dinner show, protocols are in place to make everyone feels safe. Face masks, sanitizer stations, and touchless clues are just a few of the ways to enjoy the show post-pandemic.

Do the Show Comfortably

Unlike other shows, The Dinner Detective doesn’t occur during a specific time period or require costumes to participate. In fact, attendees can opt out of participating in the show if they don’t want to be part of the story. Plus, everyone can dress in business or dressy casual to feel at ease while they dine and solve a mystery.

Bring a Group

Some people attend the show solo, as a couple, or in a small group. Others can’t wait to share this exciting experience with everyone they know. Large groups are welcome to enjoy 10-person round banquet tables and make arrangements to sit together for the dinner and show.

Choose a Suspect

Another incredible option is the Suspect Package to get a party member directly involved in the mystery as a Prime Suspect. The guest becomes a red herring because none of the performers are dressed in costume. The audience is tricked into believing they are involved in the mystery.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Over the years, there have been countless holidays and special occasions to celebrate, and people often want to find a unique way to remember the day. From birthdays to graduations, every occasion is more memorable with dinner and a mystery show. From surprises to planned parties, everyone is delighted to be invited to a murder mystery dinner show.

No Children and a Well-Stocked Bar

Another advantage for adults looking for a good time is everyone must be 15 years or older to attend murder mystery dinners shows. No little ones are allowed, so grown-ups get into the excitement without worries. Plus, a well-stocked bar offers adults another way to enhance the excitement of attending a murder mystery dinner show.

With all of these exciting opportunities, attendees know what to expect when they book a murder mystery dinner show as a couple, alone or in a group. From date night to a retirement party, any special occasion is more memorable when celebrated with a murder mystery dinner show. To find out more about what to expect at a show from The Dinner Detective, take a few minutes to visit


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