Spanish Destinations and The Best Wedding Practices

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One of the reasons we are so enthusiastic about weddings is because everyone is unique, even more so depending on the bride and groom’s nation and culture. This is something we’ve learnt over the years while planning destination weddings and multi-cultural weddings, and it’s helped us grow as professionals. As a result, we thought weddings in germany it would be fun to go through the wedding customs in Spain with you, especially for those planning a destination wedding in this country. Who knows, maybe one of these may appeal to you and you will include it into your wedding. Let’s get this party started at the wedding venues marbella!

Weddings in churches

Although we witness civil weddings tailored to measure and to the likes of the bride and groom every time, there is a strong history of being married in church in Spain. If you choose to have a religious wedding in Spain, you will have no trouble finding one that you like because every town and hamlet has churches, cathedrals, and chapels that are charming and suitable for your religious wedding.

Pre-marital counselling

We can’t fail to highlight in this piece, since we’re talking about church weddings, the importance of being married religiously, which few people are aware of. A pre-marriage training is required. This is a mandatory necessity in which not only religious issues are discussed, but also your future life together in order to assist you in your commitment. Lessons are usually spread out over many days each week or, if you want, everything crammed into a weekend.

Initials and surnames

A truth that may surprise you is that, unlike in other countries, women in Spain do not adopt their husband’s surname and instead keep their own.


In Spain, the average number of visitors is between 100 and 200. You may think it’s a lot if you’re planning a tiny wedding in another country, but it’s definitely not too much. Neither is it little. And if you don’t believe me, consider Hindu weddings, which often include hundreds of attendees! As you choose the wedding venues in marbella you can choose the right setup there.


What to give the bride and groom is an age-old question. Will money be more important to them than something more personal? In Spain, it is becoming increasingly common to put your bank data on your wedding invites or on a wedding website in a beautiful style and with a great design.

However, there are other possibilities, such as an online wedding registry, where the bride and groom may list the goods they want and you can buy them (in a fictional manner, it’s like giving money away). Offer them an experience for their honeymoon, such as a boat excursion, a swim with dolphins, a romantic dinner at a restaurant, or money in a more tangible, practical form.

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