The Award-Winning Luxury Ice Cream that Can Bring Out the Child Inside

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A child can be happy just by looking at his or her mom’s smile, any favourite toys, or sweet cool ice cream! However, the life of an adult is not that simple, but yet there is one thing common with a little child, as any adult would be as much happy to find delicious ice cream – particularly if it is Luciano ice cream!

The founder of Luciano – Luc Blok too was fond of ice cream. At the age of 15, he joined his parent’s business of ice cream at Maasstraat in Hague and that shaped his life. 

He received his training in the making of ice cream in Wageningen and then started his own business there. His ice cream truck could be seen in various squares and in the year 1996, with his wife Luc started his dream business of ice cream parlor. 

The first branch of this Luciano ice cream was named after Luc’s name, keeping the letter A in an inverted position on the logo that refers to his wife’s name – Angelique, which also artistically indicates an ice cream cone. 

There were many improvements done on this ice cream, inspired by new unique flavors, and the opening of many new branches all across the Netherlands. Lots of great recognition came not only from all the happy visitors but also from many industry experts. 

In 2007, Luc received the title of SVH Meesterijsbereider, which is the highest professional competence of the Netherland in ice cream preparation. A few other lists of awards include:

  • 2 titles of “Ice Cream Parlor of the Year”
  • “Craftsman of the Year.” 
  • Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Today, there are 15 ice cream parlours of Lucano all across the Netherlands having 30+ exquisite artisanal flavors of ice cream. Some of the classic flavors are:

  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Stracciatella
  • Strawberries
  • Vanilla
  • Yogurt

Luciano pampers its guests not only with delicious ice cream but also an impressive choice of ice cream cakes. Some of them are:

  • Hazelnut Meringue Pie
  • Key West Lemon Pie
  • Luciano Coffee 
  • Pure Chocolate sorbet
  • Stroopwafel Ice Cream

Luciano very well knows how to keep his customers happy by serving different exquisite flavors. All products of his brand have one thing in common i.e. fresh and high-quality ingredients, carefully selected by him from one of the best Arabica beans of Ethiopia and Brazil.

For example, his extra pure chocolate sorbet ‘Inaya’ uses the best Callebaut chocolate of Belgium, and in his pistachio ice cream, one can get the delicious taste of pistachios directly from Bronte in Sicily. Luciano uses special types of vanilla pods without compromising, from Madagascar in their own vanilla ice cream, while their strawberry ice cream has delicious Dutch Elsanta strawberries.

Luciano could succeed to win the title of the best creators of the world’s most luxury ice cream, due to the following few attributes and that led to this Luxury Lifestyle Awards 

  • The search for a new sensation
  • The untiring pursuit of perfection
  • The dedication of making every customer happy

About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

This is a global award for the selection, recognition, celebration, and promotion of the best luxury services all across the world. The company aims to connect people with its best of luxury. This award has evaluated 10 000+ different goods and services under 400 categories from sixty countries, and then analyzed their results to offer the best available contestant in the world. 

A few world-renowned brands like Chanel, Ferrari, and Dom Perignon were proudly named as winners. This victory brings status and recognition of the company on the global level of promotion and exposure to totally different markets of customers.

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