The Best Time to Visit Bhutan

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When vacation starts then everyone starts to plan to visit different beautiful places. Vacation is the time when people can explore a place completely, and forget and about their old and busy schedule to make their mind fresh and mood fresh.

In order to do this, you should decide on a place first where you want to spend your vacation. Everyone has their own kind of choices some choose a peaceful place whereas some people prefer a place for exploration and where one can get mixed kind of environment.

Whichever place you chose the most important thing is to know everything about that place before going there. For example, before going you must know about the climate of that place. But the most important thing is to know the best time when you can visit the place.

Bhutan is situated on the border line of India and many other countries, this country is usually known for its monasteries, valleys, and the Himalayas. This country is situated in the Himalayas, which makes it a perfect destination for trekking and other places if you are a mountain lover. Bhutan is also known as the kingdom of Buddhists, and it is famous for its cultural temples. Before planning for the trip you must know the Best time to visit Bhutan.

Is June an ideal month to visit Bhutan?

June is the time when there is a start of summer, and monsoon starts to strike, however, the rain does not start to show its full strength. In this month you got a lot of time in June for tourism and you can enjoy the slightly cold breeze of the day. In this month, you will notice that in the morning there is slight hot whereas at night you will notice that the climate gets changes and there would be slight rain because of the rain. At this time the climate of the place is humid as compared to any other month.

If you are a person who loves cold and warm weather simultaneously, then June is the perfect time for you to visit Bhutan. Well, there are two types of conditions like first is that if you are going to Bhutan for trekking purposes then one thing you should know, that is June is not the ideal time to go. At this time most of the trekkers go back.

On the other hand, if you are going to that country as a tourist to explore the place then the time ideal for you on both sides for both climate and for the tourist experience. Because people who came here for trekking and for climbing and all, they usually go back by this time because of monsoon, and you will find here minimum or no rush.

Why Bhutan for vacation?

If you are fond of walking in hilly areas and you like to spend peace with little cost, then Bhutan can become a favorite and better place for you. Bhutan comes in areas where peace is an unbreakable confluence of environmental cleanliness, it is a country connected to India where tourists from many provinces of the world come to visit here along with Indian motivators. Bhutan is world-famous for its customs and reception of guests. Most of the people here nurture their lives with the money coming from the tourist. If we talk about which is the right time to visit Bhutan, then there should be no doubt that the cold time is perfect for visiting Bhutan, at this time there is a very favorite environment with snow on the mountains. Even if we believe the survey conducted in Bhutan, then tourists visit Bhutan all the time, but during the cold season, their number doubles to 4 times because the breath-taking views of the place are basically seen in the cold.

From October to December

If instead of summer you are planning to spend your winters for vacations, then Bhutan is ready to give you a warm welcome with its pleasant weather. In these months the weather of the place is pleasant air is purely fresh and with the sunny skies, it even increases the beauty of the climate.

As the February passes the climate becomes dry, and it remains like that way till the April. So without any delay, pack your bags for Bhutan in October, and up to December enjoy the beauty of that place. Talking about the April, then this is the month when there is starting of the spring and the flowers starts to blossom in this weather. This season increases the beauty of that place. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this kind of beauty if you are going to that place.

If you are going for trekking then April month is better for that, because this is the start of spring season and you will surely love the experience from the hilly areas of Bhutan. As a tourist, if you are facing any kind of problem in traveling the country then there is an easy solution also. You can also refer to the Bhutan tour recommendation, to get more ideas about the tourist places in that country.

 This was all about Bhutan, and the ideal time to visit that country, for a better experience. Now, when you will visit the country then you will get a better experience and you will be able to enjoy the place.


When vacation starts, then everyone starts to make list of the places where they wants to spend their holidays. It is the time when one can get rid of their busy and one time schedule and enjoy the life. Bhutan is an ideal place for you to enjoy the day with all the necessities provided along with the climate and the beauty of the place.

But one important thing is before visiting the place when is the ideal time for you to visit that place. In this article, I have mentioned the best time to visit Bhutan.

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