The Guide to Get Raja Ampat and 3 First Best Places There

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Raja Ampat, an archipelago of about 1500 islands, also has the richest marine biodiversity in the world. In turn, has created prime conditions for the growth of animals and people on the land above the water. This rich ecosystem and also the physical isolation have created Raja Ampat an unbelievable pocket of paradise. For many of time, it has been virtually untouched by the external world. However, now tourists have discovered that its magic.

The first thing which you will understand when you begin looking at how to get to Raja Ampat is that it’s not easy to get here. It’s possible – and you won’t encounter several problems – but it requires quite a while and isn’t affordable. The great news is that the hassle of working out the way to get to Raja Ampat (let alone putting this plan into action) keeps the tourist hordes away. Even though they fight the crowds in Bali, you will have this unspoiled utopia nearly to yourself.

Getting to Raja Ampat

  1. Flight to Sorong

For going to Raja Ampat, you will first need to fly into the airport at Sorong. Because there isn’t a massive need, the flights are restricted – but the situation is getting better a few airlines fly straight from Jakarta to Sorong Which can be helpful if you are coming directly from an international flight. However, if you wish to come to Denpasar (Bali) you will still have to do a long inconvenient transport in Makassar.

  1. Sorong Airport to Raja Ampat boats

From the airport, you then should get to the airport to grab a boat across to the temples. The simplest way to do this is simply get a taxi, which will cost approximately 100,000 rupiah. The trip will only take around 15 minutes.

  1. Sorong to Raja Ampat

Fighting! You are almost there! Now you need to acquire out of Sorong lane into the Raja Ampat islands and the very best way is with a ferry. Most people will need to perform the normal tres from Sorong into Waisais the principal city on Raja Ampat’s most important island of Waigeo. Your accommodation will probably already have arranged to pick you up out there (more info about lodging further down). If the lodging believes there is a better solution, they will suggest it beforehand.

Top 3 Places There

  1. Pasir Timbm, Pasir Timbul is a stretch of sand that emerges from the sea just at low t like something out of a dream. The water is crystal clear and the sand so powdery white you will hardly believe your eyes. You can enjoy relaxing and playing on the shore, taking photos and viewing the underwater life without even having a snorkel.
  1. Pianemo

Pianemo is one of the most photographed areas in Raja Ampat, so much so it has become a symbol of the area.  Climbing in the dock up a set of wooden stairs you will be awestruck with the beauty of the landscape beneath you. The islets jut out of the sparkling turquoise waters making for a spectacle unlike any other from the endless blue sky. You’re able to spend time here admiring the view and taking photos before going back down to get in the water.

  1. Hornbill Island

Hornbills are one of the most amazing bird species in Raja Ampat and viewing them within their home environment is a very special sight indeed. Hornbills congregate on a little island off the coast of Batanta Island in which the mangroves are healthy and thick. In the evening around sunset the hornbills come to roost here at night. It is possible to watch them fly, nearly always in pairs, and settle in with the category. Papua Paradise runs day trips to Hornbill Island only to observe this magical natural sight.

Before you plan a trip to Raja Ampat, be sure to read more about Raja Ampat and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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