The Major Attractions in the Islands in Greece

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Greece is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is extremely favourable for spending your holidays and having a great time. There is a whole lot of ancient architecture, picturesque sceneries and delicious food that could be found here. The 5 Best Islands to Visit in Greece Now are perhaps the best at travel. You could choose to visit this place the next time you want to spend your vacation in some place outside your hometown. Given below are some of the features of the islands in Greece.

What are the attractions you could find in the islands in Greece?

  • Natural scenery – The most amazing view is that of the turquoise water. In addition, the colour of the beaches are not the same. You have the black sand lava beaches and on the same time you also have pink sand beaches like the one in Elafonisi Beach Crete. There are pink sand dunes, natural pools and outstanding mountain views. You would also find blue caves at the tip of the Zante island. All the various picturesque views make you understand why the islands are the best at travel and are recommended by so many people.
  • Delicious food – The Greek islands are also the source of some amazing food. The black volcanic soil make it easy to cultivate grapes and for this very reason some of the best wines in Greece could be found in the bars and restaurants in Santorini. Mykonos is another island where you could find good food because it is sort of famous for parties. You could get the best cocktails and parties in Paradise Beach. You could also choose Zante if you are in search of some bars and pubs.
  • Historical attractions – The 5 Best Islands to Visit in Greece Now have a rich historical element as well. The ancient Minoan capital of Knossos is one of them. You could visit the ruins of the city even today. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum also hosts a large number of ancient Greek artefacts. For those who are not into partying and are on the Mykonos island, you could go to the tiny island of Delos which is the birthplace of Apollo according to myths. This place also has a large number of ruins which you could visit and have your peaceful time.
  • Architecture – there are a couple of Venetian castles which still stand strong today and even after having undergone so many invasions. These castles could be found in Corfu City. There are narrow cobbled alleys. You could also find a scenic walk to the peak of Mount Pantokrator. There is also a couple of hundred kilometres long route that winds from the north to south of Corfu island and could be used extensively to get to know the island.


There are many more attractions that you could find in the Greek islands. By the time you end your trip, you might feel that you could have done with some more days of vacation to explore the beautiful islands.

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