The Pros and Cons of a Honeymoon Trip to The Galapagos

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Everyone dreams of a perfect honeymoon, where they can relax and make long-lasting memories. A honeymoon is a celebration to celebrate their wedding. For honeymooners, the Galapagos is one of the perfect destinations. They can enjoy iconic natural terrains, beautiful island beaches, and incredible wildlife. 

You can find many things to choose from luxurious Galapagos cruises or relaxing and comfortable hotels. It is an eco-protected zone, where people can actually feel and experience the significance of saving the natural resources. It is what makes Galapagos the best destination for nature lovers. 

The itineraries for the honeymooner include

  • Walking with giant tortoise
  • Visiting impressive lava tunnels
  • Visiting the historical sites 
  • Snorkelling with penguins and sea lions

There is much more that this place has to offer. The Galapagos is where you can step in the footsteps of famous naturalists, explorers and pirates. Here you will feel like a naturalist on your first romantic gateway as a married couple. A Galapagos Islands honeymoon allows couples to go on a unique adventure in one of South America’s most unique wonders of nature. It is around 600 miles off the Eastern Pacific Ocean on the coasts of Ecuador.

The archipelago is a collection of 19 large islands. It also has more than 100 small islets and islands. Couples can view unique wildlife, go on hikes and scuba dive. At night, they can relax in luxurious settings, whether on a cruise ship or at a luxurious hotel. Before you start making your bucket list for your honeymoon getaway, here are the pros and cons of the Galapagos honeymoon. 

The pros of honeymoon on the Galapagos

Naturalists around the world make a pilgrimage to these mountainous, remote islands with covering white sand beaches. The island is on the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO. The islands are well protected. Around 97% of these islands are part of the Galapagos Island protected lands. 

Couples can sight endemic species unable to find anywhere in the world in this pristine natural environment. Couples can actively explore the untouched nature reserves. On the other hand, they can spend their night on a sleek cruise ship or at a luxury hotel. 

The challenges of a honeymoon in the Galapagos 

Even though Galapagos is an ideal honeymoon destination for couples, it also has drawbacks. Many couples find it time-consuming to reach the Galapagos Island. At the same time, others claim it is too expensive. Honeymoon couples need to spend a few thousand dollars on a flight alone, not to mention the luxury cruise costs can exceed $10,000 per person. 

On the other hand, couples need to plan everything at least a year before, as the island controls the number of visitors. The island is not for honeymooners who want to be alone or for independent travellers. 

At the same time, Galapagos Marine Reserve and Galapagos National Park regulations, travellers need to have a guide along with them. You can expect sightseeing with a group of at least 16 people. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reliable travel agency and plan your visit well in advance.

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