Things To Do On A Skiing Holiday That Aren’t Skiing

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While skiing is the main attraction of skiing holidays Flaine to the mountains, there’s plenty to do if you’re not interested in skiing or boarding. Here are some things to do on a skiing holiday that isn’t skiing!

Go Tubing

The good news is that it’s possible to have a great time without ever standing up. In fact, having fun while remaining seated makes tubing one of those rare ski-related activities suitable for every member of your family – from your toddler to your grandparents. Tubing can be found at any major ski resort that offers skiing – which means there’s probably going to be a hill nearby where everyone in your family can spend an afternoon.

Go Snowboarding

Though skiing and snowboarding aren’t exactly alike, they do share a lot of similarities. You can pick up both sports within a matter of days and both tend to be easier than people think. If you want to switch things up and try something new (or if you know someone who loves winter sports but is actually bad at them), go with that person or group on their next trip. You might end up loving it as much as them—and you’ll definitely appreciate all of those extra calories after hours on the mountain!

Go Ice Skating

There’s a reason people take skating lessons. It can be a bit intimidating to go out on an ice rink, especially if you’ve never been before. The good news is that most resorts have free or low-cost lessons for beginners, and they’re also a great way to meet other vacationers. In many cases, you’ll get your rental equipment included in your lift ticket, so it’s really the only money you spend after getting lessons.

Visit Museums

Museums, art galleries and temples are all fun ways to learn about a new culture. Since you’re in a destination that you’re likely not familiar with, it’s an exciting way to learn more about what makes people different. It will also give you a chance to do something other than skiing and help work out any kinks in your plans for moving around so much in the winter. Plus, it gives you a good excuse to check out your tourist destination.

Visit the cinema

Not keen on skiing? Consider taking in a movie at one of your resort’s cinemas. The atmosphere can be just as magical when it’s not about watching sport! Sitting in a heated cinema is also a great way to get out of that intense cold for a couple of hours. Plus, snacks are available to purchase so you don’t have to miss out on any treats! It’s a nice break following travels also.

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