Thinking about different vacations? Try out Menorca for your next holiday!  

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It is not a secret that most of the travellers that end up visiting Menorca are drawn to the island for its one of a kind collection of beaches, the adventurous yet peaceful activities that can be found in the island, and its overall family friendly vibe that distinguish it from its sibling islands Majorca or Ibiza.

The Balearic Islands, however, can offer much more than holiday resorts to its visitors, as there are huge varieties of activities and things to see in the island all year long.

Menorca is a destination that’s particularly rich in history, with mysterious ruins and settings that have been there for even longer than the history of the place could even record, and many other more modern things with long dated stories of multicultural domination, resulting in a mixture of customs and architecture that’s reflected even in the local cuisine.

If you’re thinking about a different place to visit on your next vacation, where every member of the family can find something to fit their interests, Menorca will surely be the correct place to look into.

Renting a car during the visit to the island is not mandatory- But it makes your life way easier!

Even though Menorca may not be as big as its siblings, this island still has a pretty wide surface that, if visiting and actually getting to know the place is in your plans, is impossible to get to fully know in just a few days.

Between the Talayotic route, the vineyard tours, the impressive coves, and the many places with different styles and approaches to the architectural beauty, Menorca will always be showing a new face to its visitors. A simple option for any visitor would be relying on the island’s public transportation, however this means having to always be on the lookout for the schedules of the buses.

Renting a car through a car hire menorca service allows for more freedom during the visit, so you can leave for the next location not when you have to, but when you actually want to.

There’s always something different to see and do when in the island

A little bit of time travel across the island is always a good beginning. With over 1.000 sites spread across the island, and many mysterious ones that not even the historians know with total certainty what is behind their construction, there’s a lot yet to see in the island.

For those who prefer more modern entertainment, there Is a wide variety of bars, restaurants and even places for nightlife in the bigger cities of the island.






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