Top 7 things you can do with your Kids in Desert safari Dubai

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Dubai is for sure one of the biggest tourist countries in the world. One of the places tourists visits the most is Desert Safari in Dubai. There is a range of activities to do at Desert Safari in Dubai. Also, it’s kid-friendly, so you can have an exclusive desert experience with your kids too.

What makes Desert Safari a good place to go with kids?

Desert Safari in Dubai has exciting activities you can do with your kids. From watching a beautiful sunset to camel riding, it will be an experience full of adventure. In this article, we’ve listed 7 things you can enjoy with your kids in Desert Safari. Read below the list of things:

What are some activities you can do with your kids?

  1. Sunset

Firstly, there is nothing that can compare to a sunset you see in Dubai. It is truly captivating and pleasing. The colors in the sky when the sun sets, such as the orange hue is so beautiful. It is a sight to watch when the sun vanishes and settles behind the dunes. So, get in your car with your kids to the dunes and enjoy a perfect sunset. You can also take pictures of the amazing scenery. 

  1. Camel riding

One of the things that kids love to do in Desert Safari is camel riding. Riding a camel is a special experience especially if you’re from a western country. It’s usually a 45-minute ride that takes you for a round around the desert while riding a camel. 

You will feel delighted and the thrill of it will indeed be memorable. A camel is also a major part of the desert, so it is a part of the exclusive desert experience.

  1. Mehndi

Mehndi, also known as Henna tattooing, is an Arab cultural thing. It has significance in the Arab culture. For example, at celebratory events like Eid and weddings, women put henna on their hands and feet as an expression of joy. 

Similarly, in Desert Safari, there are people who offer this service to tourists as a souvenir. You can get your arms and hands adorned with pretty designs. Kids are sure to love it.

  1. Sandboarding

Moreover, sandboarding is also another dessert activity. It’s like skateboarding but on the sand. In the wide desert area, it is an exciting activity to do. If kids are doing this activity, they should wear knee pads and helmets. Usually, these things are provided before sandboarding. 

This way, your kids can enjoy themselves without being afraid of getting hurt. Kids especially love it because they have an open space to do this activity. You can’t get this exclusive desert experience anywhere else, so you should definitely do this activity!

  1. Dune bashing

Additionally, dune bashing is an exhilarating experience for tourists who come to Desert Safari in Dubai. To explain, a vehicle comes with roller cages that are slammed down the sand dunes at full speed. But not to worry, it’s a completely safe activity. 

The passengers are safe and secure. This is because no amateur drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle. Only licensed drivers are allowed to do so. In addition, all seats have seat belts as well. The high speed through which the driver moves makes it a thrilling experience. It’s almost 20 minutes long but worth it.

  1. Falcon show and demonstration

Falcons are part of some kid-friendly activities in the Desert Safari. For instance, there is a falcon show. In the falcon show, tourists go to the top of a sand dune and the falcons show amazing tricks. It is a show full of entertainment for kids. 

Moreover, there is a falcon demonstration where you can get photographed with a falcon. It is a widely loved activity where the skilled trainer puts a falcon on your shoulder for the picture.

  1. Dinner

In addition to all the activities listed above, you can enjoy a delicious dinner with your family. Snacks, dates, Arabic coffee, tea, and many more food items are available. There is a wide range of cuisines such as Lebanese, Iranian, etc. to add to the flavor. 

You can also choose veg or non-veg food according to your preference. In short, it’s a place where you can truly have the taste of all Middle Eastern food. Of course, for kids, there are many non-alcoholic beverages. In case you want to have a buffet, that is also an option!

In conclusion, the above-mentioned are all the kid-friendly activities you can do with your kids in Desert Safari. You can decide from a wide range of activities and enjoy a fun time with family in Dubai!

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