Travelling in the UK for a Holiday

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Things are a little different this year when it comes to travelling.  The Covid-19 pandemic has put many travel plans on hold, with people unable to travel to the far flung destinations they may normally wish to visit.  More and more people are choosing to holiday within the UK, with bookings for caravan parks and lodges higher than ever before.

There are many great places to visit in the UK, with varying landscapes and attractions to enjoy any time of the year.  There are wonderful stretches of coastline, being an island.  The UK has some of the nicest beaches around, with miles of sand to walk and relax on.  During the summer months, millions of visitors enjoy a visit to the seaside and the famous coastal resorts.  If you are more interested in city living, the range of towns and cities to visit in the UK are huge.  London is obviously a popular spot, with some of the most famous landmarks and historic buildings in the world.  Other major city breaks include Cambridge and Oxford, with their famous history and exceptional universities.  Further north, the cities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield also house a wide range of attractions and history to keep you entertained.

For those looking to get a well deserved break away from it all, the countryside in the UK is truly magical.  From the rolling hills and mountains in the Peak District, to the cute, cobbled stone villages of the Cotswold, there is something for nature lovers up and down the country.  There are even swathes of National Parks and Forests, including the New Forest down in Hampshire, where you can spot wild ponies!

Choosing somewhere to stay in the UK can be tricky as there are so many options.  A great choice for families is to buy a permanent holiday home at a caravan park, which allows you to break away and relax in your home from home.  You can easily find a caravan for sale at some of the leading holiday park resorts in the UK to make your holiday home a reality.  Most holiday parks feature amazing facilities so you can socialise and meet up with friends and family while you are away.  Some even have amenities like spa and gyms as well as heated swimming pools, hot tubs, and restaurants to enjoy.

The main benefits of buying a caravan rather than simply hiring one for your break is that you can have access to your caravan at any time.  No need to worry about whether there will be a booking available for you – even in the peak season!  Summer months can be incredibly busy, so having a permanent holiday option can be a lifesaver, especially when you have children to think about.  Do not forget most caravan parks allow you to bring your pets along for the fun too!  You cannot always bring pets when you are travelling to hotels.

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