Ultimate Guide To Hot Air Balloon In Cappadocia

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Cappadocia is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Turkey. The best way to admire this beautiful place is through aerial view. If you want to experience a ride on a hot air balloon then, this is the perfect place to get it done. Many people must have already added this to their bucket list. 

Getting to float over a chimney and witnessing the amazing landscapes of Cappadocia from the top is an amazing experience and definitely a dream come to reality. You can have a perfect Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with your family and friends in this amazing breathtaking ride of a hot air balloon. 

The experience of Ballooning in Cappadocia:

Hot air balloon is the best activity to be done in the early hours of the day (it is even said to be safe in the morning hours), so make sure you have your alarm set and get ready to wake up before the birds do. Every balloon company picks up the passengers from the hotel directly, which makes the before daybreak more manageable. 

In flight:

The one reason why Cappadocia is gaining popularity is because the balloons here are allowed to lower down towards the ground as there is no wildlife. By this, you get to experience the full scope of a wacky and weird landscape from a distance and up close as well. You get to experience the entire place with a bird’s eye. 

The captain of the flight acts as your guide on the flight and points out the local topographical features. The captains speak in English and Turkish, whereas there are some that can add commentary in other languages like German, Japanese and Dutch. The company’s ground crew is chasing you on the ground the entire time you are in the balloon.

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After landing:

After disembarking from the air balloon, passengers celebrate with snacks and drinks, and the crew member packs the balloon and get ready for the next flight. Certain balloon companies provide the guest with a certificate, commemorating the flight.  

The entire experience is around 4 to 5 hours depending on the location of the hotel you stayed in. 

Types of flights:

In Cappadocia, a standard hot air balloon ride last for 45 minutes or an hour, the basket used in the ride is made for fitting around 16, 20, or 24 passengers in total including the flight captain. The price of the activity includes everything like pick and drop to the hotel, breakfast, snacks, and drinks after the landing. 

It is an activity that everyone must try at least once in their life time. Get along with your loved ones and plan this amazing trip ahead taking forward a basket full of memories. 


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