Understand Why People Desire to Watch Whales in Tenerife

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Tenerife is one the most popular tourist spots in Europe as it provides you the most awesome sight of whales enjoying life in their natural habitat. It is a uniquely thrilling experience that lures marine life enthusiasts and tourists alike to watch the lively activities of these big marine mammals. Thus, next time plan your vacation along the coastline of the Canary Islands.

All a traveller needs to do is book their Atlantic Star Tenerife cruising trip to catch the glimpse of the gorgeous pods of whales. You can watch a few kinds of whales in Tenerife and even dolphins those are real marine beauties to watch for many hours together.

Insight about the kind of whales seen around in Tenerife:

  • In accordance with the recent report of BIOTA (Canary Islands Biodiversity Data Bank) there are at least thirty-two varieties of marine mammals sighted in the Canary Islands coastline.
  • Among the most common ones are dolphins, beaked whales, fin whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and orcas. Hence, there are many diverse species of marine animals to watch in one cruise trip. Many folks have seen other species of whales like Killer whales, Sperm whales, Blue whales and even sighted Dolphin kinds like Borneo dolphins and Blue-white dolphins.

The best time for whale watching:

Winter and spring season are the most appropriate time to watch these lovely marine animals without fail. This is because you can watch many migratory sea mammals like fin whales and hump back whales. In the summertime, you can watch the young marine lives leaving from the south part of the islands such as from Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes.

Dolphins are sighted whole the year in plenty, thus no worries if your main aim is to watch their cute playing activities.

There are rules and regulations to follow that are put forward by the Canary Islands Government to protect the marine creatures. Hence, if you are hiring a boat, then study in detail about the rules to escape paying penalties. You can join boat tours that provide all facilities to enjoy while watching the adorable sea creatures. There will be other cruise-mates adding-on to the merriment of sea trip where you are close to the lovely sea mammals.

Things you need to bring for a happy whale sighting:

It will be beneficial not to forget to bring your hat and goggles along with your sunscreen lotion and binoculars. It will be suitable to wear rubber-soled footwear and have a rain jacket as sometimes there maybe showers of rain while you are watching the lovely marine beauties.

You can bring along your camera that has a good zoom lens to capture the mystic activities of the lively sea creatures forever in your memories. Usually, trip providers arrange for beverages and snacks on tour however taking a few water bottles in your bag will be helpful if you are touring with children.

The whale watching in Tenerife is really an amazing wonderful moment that can’t be missed while you book your boats with the support of Club Canary. They provide the best enjoyable exciting tours as stated by their earlier customer’s reviews. Thus, contact them at the earliest to watch the gorgeous whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

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