Using Your RV When You’re Done Camping

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You have put a lot of money into your RV. You have spent a lot of time in it, traveling from one campground to the next as you crisscrossed the country. But you have finally decided you’ve had enough. It is time to park at a Long Term RV Park Odessa, TX and enjoy the stick house lifestyle for a while. Does that mean you have to sell your RV? No. You can use it in other ways.

Below are a few suggestions of how you can put your RV to use when you are done camping. As you read, please bear in mind this one thing: where you live will influence what you can actually do with your RV. Check with your local municipal authorities to find out what is allowed and what is not.

  • Use It as Office or Hobby Space

How many of us would love to have a little extra space at home to set up an office or engage in a hobby? Your unused RV would be perfect for this sort of thing. You can hook up the electricity and water by tapping into your house. And as long as you’re willing to travel to empty tanks every now and again, you can make use of the toilet and sink.

Your RV would make a fantastic office space if you were among the millions who now work from home. If you are retired, that hobby that takes up too much space in the house can be moved out to the RV.

  • Make It an In-Law Suite

Another option is to turn your RV into an in-law suite. Municipalities around the country are beginning to pass ordinances allowing this very thing. Why? Because they see RVs as one potential solution to affordable housing shortages.

If your local ordinances allow it, your RV can become a comfortable living space for downsizing in-laws who don’t necessarily want to be alone all the time. Just be sure to invest in some RV skirting. AirSkirts says that a good skirting product protects plumping and increases comfort.

  • Make It a Guest Suite

Along those same lines, you can make your RV a guest suite for those visitors coming in from out of town. Imagine giving them their very own suite instead of just the spare bedroom down at the end of the hall. Your unused RV would give your guests their own separate, detached space. That might be just what they need to maximize their comfort. And who knows? It might even encourage guests to come visit more often.

  • Use It for Tailgating

Are you a big sports fan with season tickets for your favorite teams? If so, consider tailgating with your RV. Towing your RV to a tailgating party means attending the party with your own bathroom facilities, cooking facilities, and indoor space – just in case it rains.

Of course, this is all assuming that your teams’ facilities allow tailgating at all. But if they do, bringing in an RV can make tailgating more fun than it has ever been before. Just beware – you could suddenly find yourself with a lot more friends than you had at the start of the season.

The one thing all these alternative RV uses have in common is having access to some of the creature comforts of home in an RV space. Whatever you choose to do with your unused RV, know that selling it isn’t the only option. There are lots of ways you could put it to use that have nothing to do with camping. All you need is a good imagination and confirmation that your plans do not violate local ordinances.

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