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While you were a fumbling toddler, you often imagined Egypt as the land of pyramids through stories or even movies. But, did you know that the country is still the land of ‘magnificent World Heritage Sites’? Without any doubt, Egypt is known for the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings. But, when you visit the country in detail, you are sure to be delighted with an experience visiting temples, museums, and monuments. Not just that, you can certainly indulge in many activities during your journey. So, if you want to cherish those moments, then here’s what you can plan for while in Egypt.

Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise is the synonym of Egypt. Any duration Tour of Egypt is incomplete without Nile Cruise. For an adventurous ride, you could embark on a Felucca, a traditional boat made from wood. While you chill out and forget about your worries, you can bask under the sunlight just next to the prow. If you plan something special for a trip, you could skim through our tour itinerary in Egypt.

Stroll around the Pyramid of Giza

Built along the western side of the Nile, the Pyramid of Giza is nothing but three significant pyramids. Later, the stones were used by the pharaohs to build monuments. In the area, you could admire the structures and how they were built during those ages. You could even enjoy the sound and light show with lights flashing on the pyramids. During the show, you can also gather information regarding the history of Egypt. 

Admire the Egyptian Museum at Cairo

While you visit Cairo, there are several exhibits to check out at the Egyptian Museum. You will be able to admire the art with masterpieces kept in different rooms depending on the kingdoms. You can catch a glimpse of the rare collection across five thousand years. A walk around the floors will take you through Tutankhamun Galleries, the Royal Mummy Room, the section for Ancient Egyptian Jewellery, and more.

Visit the Luxor Temple 

Your trip to Egypt would never be worthwhile if you don’t visit the Luxor Temple during the early hours of the day. As you take a stroll around the Temple, you will marvel at the beautiful architecture. With a display of many antiquities from the Mamluk period, this Temple is a graceful monument and an elegant masterpiece built in a modern town. 

Amble around the Valley of Kings, Luxor

If you are curious to know more about the civilizations of Egypt, then you shouldn’t miss visiting the Valley of Kings. A few moments later, you will undoubtedly start wondering how the Valley was built; This is because the area comprises around 63 tombs of kings who ruled during different periods. In Luxor, the Valley looks beautiful as the workers of Deir el-Medina village have strived hard to build the tombs. The craftsmanship is incredible as they hail from different regions of the Theban hills.

Spend some time at the Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo 

Even though you might not be an ardent follower of Islam, you would surely love to visit the Mohamed Ali Mosque. While the monument epitomizes cultural identity, it has earned the recognition of being the most famous mosque built way back in the 19th century. Apart from commemorating fabulous craftsmanship and artistry, this holy place is sure to impress others due to the fountain and 47 doorways. If you have marked your calendar for a long duration trip, contact our tour representative and know more about the tour itinerary for Egypt

Visit the busy Khan El Khalili market, Cairo 

If you are fond of artifacts and are looking forward to buying items to spruce up your home, then there’s nothing as better as the oldest El Khalili market. As you walk down the streets, you would come across several crossroads and massive gates. At any instance, you can stop by a café to spend a few minutes relishing a cup of coffee. Besides, you will find Egyptian souvenirs, trinkets, gifts, and items for your home décor ideas.

Stop by the Solar Boat Museum, Giza

Yet another thing that you could do is visit the Solar Boat Museum. As you can figure out by the name, this museum displays the Solar Boat, namely, Khufu. While the Egyptians have disassembled every part of the ship a long time back, the archaeologists have assembled the parts and made the boat appear to be a perfect masterpiece. This ship looks stunning when it’s viewed from different angles from three other floors. Moreover, if you are on the ground floor, you could get a chance to view the bottommost portion of the boat. 

Temples in Luxor & Abydos 

Known to be the most prominent holy place globally, you are sure to admire breathtaking architecture once you visit the Karnak Temple. Believe it or not, the entire complex is sprawled across 100 hectares of land. Further ahead, among the temples of religious significance, you could also visit the Temple of Seti. While you stroll around the area, you could capture the beauty of ancient Phoenician, Aramaic, and Abydos graffiti. 

Enjoy a Hot Air  Balloon Ride, Luxor 

If you wish to click snaps of landscape across the world’s largest open-air museum, then you could insist on a hot balloon ride. Indeed, this would be an activity you may have dreamt of before. Usually, this ride lasts for around an hour and high above the horizon of the river Nile. As the hot balloon rises to the height of 4000 feet, you could feel the cool breeze, the hills, and birds flying at a distance.

View the Colossi of Memnon Statues, Luxor

As you have guessed it by the name, these are faceless statutes that rise majestically about 18m from the plain. The primary purpose of building these statues was to safeguard the mortuary Temple of

the dynasty of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. However, the pharaoh’s Temple has vanished because the walls have dissolved over time due to poor maintenance. Later, the stones were used by the pharaohs to build monuments.

Mingle with the Nubians, Aswan

Regardless of wherever you go, you should always mix with the localities and get an idea about their culture. So, while you’re in Egypt, you should visit a Nubian house and enjoy a meal with the inhabitants. Most of the time, you can expect the family to serve a barbeque dinner with lip-smacking cuisines. A bit later, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee which the Nubian ladies prepare soon after a meal. Go through the tour details for Egypt just in case you wish to break from the monotonous routine and plan for a trip.

Wander around the Saladin Citadel, Cairo 

The Saladin Citadel is none other than a fortification that boasts medieval Islamic-era architectural style. While Salah ad-Din constructed the citadel, the Egyptian rulers were responsible for developing it further ahead. For around seven centuries, the place was considered the seat of the governing bodies from the 13th to the 19th centuries. 

The White Desert & Black  Desert in Bahariya-oasis

These are the magical places for tourists looking to escape the routine sites in Egypt for a spot of a different kind. The scenery in this region is most remarkable. The White Desert is a place that is very hard to leave. It is a truly magical experience. Egypt’s wackiest natural wonder, the White Desert, where delicately shaped white chalk mountains look like a snowy paradise out of a science fiction movie in the middle of the dry sand. For desert admirers and explorers, this is the ultimate weird playground.

The Black Desert region comprises the volcano-shaped and widely spaced mounds, distributed along about 30 km between the White Desert and the Bahariya Oasis. Most of its mounds are topped by basalt sills, giving them the characteristic black color. It looks like the coal is sprinkled over the sand. This site also has a great feel. 

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is one of the Western Desert’s most exclusive charming spots. Way absolutely out west, Siwa is the tranquil gift to the jostle of Egypt’s cities. This stunning little oasis, fenced by date palm plantations and many freshwater springs. The town is in the middle of a vast mud-brick citadel’s ruins, which leads to the view. Siwa Oasis is a perfect place to relax and unwind for a few days and an excellent place for desert adventures.

Finally, when you have set aside those dates for the tour, you should remember certain things. Think about traveling to Egypt only after the summer season ends. The best time to visit the regions is only when the spring season sets in. In case you’re keen to explore the areas a bit further, then it’s better to research and look for an app that comes with an audio guide. If you and your family are traveling to Egypt for the first time, think about contacting someone experienced in conducting leisure and specialty tours. 

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