What Benefits of Ordering Meals on Train by WhatsApp?

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Millions of travelers who depend on the services for lengthy trips between stops across the nation see the Indian Railways as their lifeline. Online Meals On Train through whatsapp on trains has been a godsend for travelers in these trying times. For e-catering services, IRCTC has teamed with zoopindia and more great options for clients looking for high-quality cuisine from eateries that assure sanitation at every step—from food preparation to transportation and finally package delivery. Additionally, when providing food on trains, they adhere to all rules established by the local and railway administrations. Here are 5 such advantages for a joyful, secure, and comfortable train ride when purchasing food online or using an whatsapp.

You can order many dishes like South Indian, North Indian, Pizza, burger, samosa, and many more things of your choice. This has solved many problems for the long route traveler. As the new whatsapp feature has 5 benefits that you can experience.

Packaging that is safe:

Whats App-based services deliver meals from licensed partner restaurants by evaluating the restaurants’ reputation and hygienic requirements. To ensure that the consumers receive their meals warm, safe, and clean, the food is properly prepared and packaged while maintaining all safety regulations and criteria. To ensure that consumers may enjoy their favorite treats without worrying about spilling and have a good dining experience, it is served in carefully sealed packages with no leaks.

Moreover, the restaurants that deliver food online in train have FSSAI approval. Which means they make proper food with all safety measures like fresh vegetables, fruit, and all other things used to make food fresh and properly stored so that no contamination occurs. The food undergoes through many check points also, so that each passenger receives hygienic food. The cooking place is also cleaned properly so that no contamination occurs. This is why online food is safe.

Contactless Delivery:

Technology is an option in the whatsapps for ordering Meal On Train to passengers. Customers who select this option can have their food delivered right to their seats without having to speak to the delivery person. The app also tells users whether or not the delivery person is immunized and what temperature the delivery person is at. All of these characteristics guarantee a secure, simple, and easy delivery experience when traveling by train.

Delivery Boys from eateries will make contactless food deliveries in trains and observe hygienic practises such as:

  • Food deliveries will only be made by asymptomatic delivery boys.

The required thermal screening of delivery boys.

  • All delivery boys must wear masks and gloves at all times.
  • Sanitation of the delivery bags is required both before and after each delivery.
  • The “Aarogya Setu” app must be downloaded and used by every delivery boy. 

Online food is Hygienic:

The online meal delivery businesses place a high premium on health and hygiene. Customers may be sure that only high-quality meals will be brought to their railway seat or bunk. Customers need not be concerned in the slightest about the meal’s quality because every food seller connected to them rigorously abides by the FSSAI regulations.

Since your health is of first importance, Indian railway is committed to always giving you hygienic and fresh cuisine. You can now be confident that only high-quality food will be brought to your train seat or sleeper when you use whatsapp e-catering service. You don’t need to be concerned in the slightest about the food’s quality because every food vendor connected to us strictly complies with the FSSAI regulations. Everything is clean and new, including the contents and packaging. For every consumable item, hygiene is a top concern for everyone. Only establishments that have been deemed food-safety compliant supply online food orders for trains. Therefore, if one orders meals online for delivery in trains, hygiene is not an issue. 

Online Payment Option With Additional And Better Food Options:

The risk of contracting Covid infection exists while exchanging funds in these uncertain times. Customers can order an online meal on train in advance and pay online using credit or debit cards, digital wallets, or other methods with the whatsapp-based food delivery services. Additionally, it avoids problems with change and saves time, particularly in stations where the train stops for a brief period of time.

Local station sellers typically impose their own prices and occasionally exploit customers by increasing the cost of food goods. Online meal ordering on trains guarantees pricing transparency and good value for the food bought.

Customers who use the online food delivery services have a wide range of options to pick from, including both domestic and foreign cuisines. The specially selected menu, created with the preferences of the passengers in mind, improves the traveling experience. With just one click, clients can order a north Indian thali, south Indian idli and dosa, Chinese platters, and more. You can order any item, including a North Indian thali, South Indian Idli & Dosa, a bowl of mouth watering tomato soup, cold drinks, and more, with just one click. Famous dishes from other cities are moreover offered. You may order all of your favorite foods, such as the Daal Baati Churma from Rajasthan, the Kachoris from Jaipur, right at your seat. Whatsapp  allows you to order any local or regional cuisines, not simply the well-known delicacies from a location, so you won’t miss it even when riding the train.