Which Travel Insurance Policies Provide Covid-19 Coverage?

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Are you planning your next trip to Singapore and wish to collect information on the travel insurance that covers covid? If your answer is yes, this news article will give the necessary details of the different travel insurance policies. As travel restriction now eases, many are now planning to travel.

But before travelling, if you want to explore the top insurance policies, here are them.

  • HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360

The HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360 covers covid with trip cancellations. Three different plans are available under this cover. It includes Enhanced, Basic, and Superior. Depending on the coverage you need, choose the insurance plan. Emergency evacuations and other things are present with covid and unlimited coverage of travel inconveniences.

Moreover, if you are thinking about when to buy critical illness insurance, the experts of HLAS can help you.

  • FWD Travel Insurance

In Singapore, among the travel insurance plans are given by FWD. Also, it is a budget-friendly option, and you do not have to spend any amount on post and pre-travel tests. The insurance coverage includes overseas hospital cash, loss of deposit, trip cancellation, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and medical evacuation, and hospital cash while staying in Singapore. Also, there are hospital cash benefits, medical expenses, and other things.

  • Allianz Travel Insurance

In Singapore, if you catch COVID-19, this insurance plan will provide the necessary coverage. For that, you have to enrol in it and the different benefits included are easy return home, cancelation of trips, overseas quarantine allowance, emergency medical evacuation, and early home return. It also includes a quarantine allowance and medical coverage. There are several other benefits that people can enjoy with a daily cash benefit. The coverage is available at a low price which means it is affordable. It covers $1,000,000, the highest coverage and remuneration of $15,000 for cancelled trips.

  • NTUC Income Travel Insurance

The NTUC Income Travel Insurance gives up to $1,50,000 on repatriation or evacuation expenses and $1,50,000 on overseas medical expenses. It is valid for 90 days of the trip and can shorten or postpone your trip due to a pandemic. Recently, the insurance coverage has enhanced the plan, allowing claims for postponements and cancellations of trips. If there are any medical complications because of the virus, it is also included in the insurance.

  • Sompo Travel (COVID-19) Essential travel Insurance

Under this insurance coverage, compensation is offered for postponement and cancellation of trips when Sompo insures a travel companion or a loved one. It also includes people who got diagnosed with the virus not before a month prior to the date of departure. Also, when your travel partner gets detected with the infection, there is a chance to claim the travel expense under the insurance. It includes trip postponement, cancellation, disruption, curtailment, overseas hospital income, emergency repatriation and medical evacuation, and overseas quarantine allowance.

Tips To Pick A Suitable Travel Insurance Coverage

Now that you have understood the different insurance plans available, it’s time to decide which one to pick. Considering that, you can look for some factors similar to how to choose the best car insurance in Singapore. The factors are:

  • Price Coverage

Based on the destination, duration of travelling, insurance premiums, and several other aspects, you can decide on the price coverage of the insurance. It is important to pick a balance between the coverage needed and the premium amount to be paid. Based on how much you are ready to spend, go ahead and choose the plan.

  • The Insurance Provider’s Reliability

Fraud and misinformation have become common nowadays. That’s why you have to ensure that the insurance provider is reliable. Otherwise, you might not get the medical coverage at the right time. The safest option to look for is a reputed and certified insurance provider. With that, you can have the peace of mind and confidence to get the money when needed.

  • Coverage

Travel insurance coverage includes Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and death, cancelation and delay of flights, lost or missing baggage, overseas medical expenses, etc. You should pay attention to the medical coverage and spend thousands of dollars. Choosing the right one will protect you from unnecessary expenses in a foreign land.

  • Easy Claiming Process

Several travel insurance plans with different coverage are there, but the value differs from the costs. Even though people like to go with an affordable option, reviewing all options and checking the fine print before signing the papers is better. Also, you must understand the claiming process, and it needs to be easy.

The Final Thoughts

Now it’s time to check out a reliable insurance provider near you and enroll in a travel insurance plan. Make sure you consider the coverage, the claiming process, premium values, and other factors before signing the final papers.

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